Modern Wall Art in the Interior

Even primitive people decorated their caves with different drawings of animals and objects that surrounded them. The drawings were associated with the main type of human activity, they portrayed a different ritual scene or inscriptions.

Human wall art changed, it acquired different forms and functions. Paintings, photos, the winner’s trophies, icons – all of these things began to appear in houses.

Wall Art Has the Following Functions in Modern Interior Design

  • It refreshes or complements the interior of the house;
  • It creates a special cozy atmosphere;
  • It decorates and creates an individual style of the room, it also emphasizes excellent taste;
  • It is a spectacular design solution;
  • It reminds people about an important event or about the person who gave this element of decor;
  • It can mitigate the shortcomings of the space or it can underline the merit of the room.

For some people, having beautiful and expensive things is a way to show their status or method to invest.

Modern Wall Art Includes

  • decorative 3-D panels;
  • paintings;
  • voluminous inscriptions;
  • pictures and photos;
  • architectural decorations, etc.

3D Panels

3D interior panels

It’s a great alternative to the routine wallpaper. Such panels are ecological, fashionable, and original. Their main task is to create volumetric space. Their advantages and characteristics:

  • They are made of the gypsum;
  • Good sound insulative properties;
  • Gypsum panels have the safest class of flammability;
  • Despite their size, they’re very light;
  • You can easily repaint 3D panels in different colors.

Such art wall decor can decorate a separate section of the wall or complete the entire wall. They look gorgeous in the TV area.

3D panels have different beautiful shapes such as marine waves, the surface of the water, and modern geometric shapes.

Also, there is a kind of 3D panel called an accent panel. They are most often arranged on the ceiling.

Paintings and Photos That Depict Bright Events or Moments of Life

Paintings are always beautiful but it is very important not to turn your apartment into a museum.

There are different kinds of paintings:

  • Modular paintings. Two types of them are presented in the market: when the painting is divided into several parts or when small paintings create a general picture on both sides.
  • Black and white paintings or photos. They are universal and they are always relevant in modern or in the antique design of the interior. The advantage of this wall art is that the person doesn’t worry about the interior and the painting combination of colors. This is a very stylish solution for those who enjoy the image of architecture, who value the female body, and for people who are fond of nature.

How to Place a Painting/Photo on the Wall Correctly?

picture hanging ideas
  • If you have one small picture or photo, you shouldn’t hang it on a large wall. It will look inappropriate and will be lost in the background. Much better to group several but similar thematic photos on the one wall section.
  • Don’t hang the pictures too high. Place them on the eye level, it will be comfortable to watch them both while standing and sitting.
  • If you have small rooms, don’t be afraid to place large paintings on the walls. On the contrary, they will expand and complement visually the space.
  • A beautiful and large painting can be hung over the fireplace strictly in the center. That’s a pretty good combination.
  • The frame is also a very important element of the painting and of the interior in general. It is better to hang a painting or photo without a frame if in doubt.

Voluminous Inscriptions Like Inspirational Wall Art

living room wall pictures

This was the idea of designers from Western countries. Materials for letters can be quite different: wood, paper, styrofoam, and textile. If you want to change the inscription very often, it would be better to buy a board and chalk for writing different motivational sayings or declarations of love.

If you have ugly handwriting, you can buy ready-to-use templates with the right fonts. You can place the inscriptions in any room. People most often use black and white colors (black letters on a white background). Such inscriptions are universal for any interior. You can just choose your favorite quote from a book, a phrase from a movie. They will help you to create an individual style of the interior.

Furthermore, there are also volumetric inscriptions with illumination. They are often hung in children's or living rooms.

And if you are tired of paintings and inscriptions, we can offer you a selection of original ideas on how you can turn a boring wall into something special.

  • Plates. You can create an excellent artistic composition with the help of plates. You can also use just parts of them for decorating. It is a good idea to keep the old and favorite set of dishes.
  • Handkerchiefs. Now we use disposable wipes but people used to create very beautiful and original handkerchiefs with different patterns. If you've saved some of them, you can frame them and create unusual wall decor.
  • Ceiling stucco. One more interesting and simple way of decoration.

Earlier we already wrote about stabilized flowers in the interior. You can use this idea to refresh your interior.

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