We’ve Prepared Ways to Combine the Opulence of Modern Victorian Interiors

modern victorian interior

The modern world is replete with many interior styles and it is sometimes difficult for a person to decide which style he likes best. In one style he is attracted by the classic color palette, in the other - by the exotic elements, in the third - by the objects of "bygone days". And in such a situation, the contemporary victorian decor interior will help him to combine all his whims. However, there is one "but": a person who wants to make the interior of his apartment in the Victorian style must have large enough funds because a modern victorian apartment is an expensive proposition. What is this original modern victorian interior design?

The modern Victorian interior style originated during the reign of Queen Victoria, in England, in the second half of the 19th century. At that time, the industry was rapidly developing and flourishing, and the capitalists were getting rich. The availability of free funds gave rise to a natural need for luxurious homes and estates. The victorian designs, arrangement, and furnishing of dwellings have acquired a demonstrative character. Wealthy people had the opportunity to travel freely, study the culture, art, and life of other peoples. Often from their travels, the British brought various exotic decorations and new ideas for arranging their own home. Therefore, the presence in the interior of new original solutions, decor, and ornaments began to be considered a sign of the owner's solidity and prosperity. This is how the victorian design style appeared in the interior.

Modern Victorian House Interior Rules

To properly decorate an apartment in a contemporary Victorian style, its owner should have at least an idea of the elements of those interior styles that he would like to see in this apartment. Using elements of exotic styles, do not make them prevail, otherwise, it will already be a non-Victorian apartment.

The Main Features of the Victorian Style

  • Solid, high-quality, and reliable modern victorian furniture: decor, textiles, accessories, and more.
  • Eclecticism. In the Victorian style, you can often see elements: classics, baroque, rococo, gothic, renaissance, as well as ethnic accents.
  • Brown and burgundy are always present in the color palette of the interior.
  • The presence of indoor plants, which are mainly located on the floor, in the corners of the room, in pots.
  • The presence of a fireplace and library. The fireplace, traditionally, personifies warmth and comfort, so even when arranging an apartment, it is worth choosing a good artificial analog. And it is not necessary to set aside an entire room for a library; a beautifully carved shelving with books and a conveniently organized reading space will be enough.

Modern Victorian Decor

modern victorian

Victorian-style Victorian design elements involve the use of high-quality interior items and finishing materials - everything should look expensive and solid.


The modern Victorian style has a tendency towards soft, muted tones, rather than bright and flashy ones. Delicate pink, gray, lavender, olive are suitable colors for the interior in a cold range. If you want something warmer and deeper, try mustard, burgundy, or dark aquamarine.


Choose some DIY Victorian decor lights to fill the room with soft, diffused light. Lamps from the Tiffany collection or imitations of them are a great addition to a Victorian-themed home, which also gives the room additional color shades through the multi-colored glass.


Marble was popular during the reign of Queen Victoria. In a modern interior, you can repeat some of the marble elements: fireplace with cladding, countertops, small statues, and other decorative elements of your choice. High-quality marble looks aesthetically pleasing and makes the room really stylish if you carefully approach the choice of decor from this material.


No modern Victorian room can be imagined without a fireplace. Of course, this is something that definitely needs to be added to the room. If you don't have a private home and a small budget, then why not try installing an electric stylized fireplace?

A room with a fireplace area immediately gives the feel of a Victorian home, and a fireplace shelf is a great place to place knick-knacks and souvenirs. And, in turn, it is better to look for them at fairs and flea markets, the price will be cheaper, there will be more stories on the subject.

There are two paths to making your home truly with modern Victorian decorating ideas: find antiques (including doors, frames, fireplaces) and restore them to acquire new things, stylized as Victorian.

When doing home renovations, you can add to the wall decoration:

  • moldings;
  • cornices;
  • panels;
  • ceiling plinths and stucco moldings.


victorian designs

Modern victorian home decor walls are plastered and decorated with fabric or wallpaper. More often wallpaper, striped or with the image of flowers, there are also wallpapers with a complex ornamental pattern, reminiscent of a bas-relief. On top of the wallpaper, forming an "apron" in a third of the height of the wall, decorative wall panels made of valuable wood species (or high-quality imitation), covered with matte varnish, can be used. gloss is alien to the Victorian style. Additionally, they can be decorated with overhead decor.


When you make a victorian contemporary interior design floor, parquet and laminate (ceramic tiles for the kitchen and bathroom) should be considered first, preferably the color of the floor matches the color of the walls or furniture. Although today, you can use linoleum (with a parquet pattern), as well as a carpet (for example, red carpet harmonizes well with one of the main colors of the style - brown). Additional decoration of the floor is a solid oriental carpet with floral ornaments.


The ceiling was often decorated with fine wood beams and ornamental stucco moldings. The use of coffered ceilings was very important. Today, it can be left white or beige, decorated only with contrasting carved cornices. A modern Victorian design ceiling chandelier with an imitation of candlelight plays a rather decorative role. And the main lighting is provided by table and floor lamps with fabric shades.


furniture Sofas, beds, armchairs, tables, and chairs - voluminous and massive, additionally decorated with carvings, upholstered furniture with high-quality, thick upholstery. Chests of drawers, chests, and grandfather clocks are also topical pieces of furniture.

Decor & Accessories

Family heirlooms, antiques, figurines, souvenirs, and exotic accessories will look very appropriate in this style. The status will be emphasized by forged lamps, antiques, mirrors, and paintings in luxurious frames.

Luxurious and full of life, Victorian interiors are the perfect choice if you want to decorate your home with sophistication and taste. This is restrained luxury and beauty, aristocracy, a feeling of comfort, stability - the smell of good cigars, strong coffee, and fresh morning newspapers. The style is generous and rich, in which one feels warmth, comfort - it is very calm and easy to live in it. Remaining conservative and restrained, the interior speaks of the respectability of its owner, his wealth, and roots. Therefore, quite often this interior design is chosen by respectable people who are anxious about traditions.

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