Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Ideas and All Recommendations for Its Proper Installation

Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Ideas

Modern humans are bound to fire by their genetic memory. Since ancient times, fire not only protected people from the cold and helped to cook food, but also mesmerized and fascinated them. This psychological mechanism, developed over thousands of years, even today helps us to forget our troubles and relieve our tiredness after a hard day.

A flame framed by an ancient stone. What can be more perfect? The game of flames, the subtle crackling of embers, the justified inactivity, and the warmth that pleasantly warms your face. Perhaps for the sake of this, you should get a real mid-century modern fireplace with live fire.

In the interior of the room, the mid-century chimney should not be regarded solely as an element of design, around which the entire composition is built. In such historical styles as Baroque, Art Nouveau, and classicism, the fireplace is a great semantic load and gives the interior integrity and completeness. But in modern styles, such as deconstructivism and grunge, the mid-century malm fireplace can be just another element of decor.

How to enter a mid-century modern wood stove in the interior? It's simple. Follow our recommendations and stick to a single conceived style in the mid-century modern fireplace design of your interior. Just then, the harmony in the house was ensured.

A Bit of Fireplace History

Fireplace History

If we talk about the Middle Ages, then the fireplaces were used not only for heating the room but also for daily cooking large amounts of food. It is worth noting an important feature: their size was truly huge. Sometimes the hearth took up most of the room. Some rooms had several mid-century fireplaces, each of which could be called a real work of art. As a rule, the fireplace had a massive, carved stone canopy. It also rested on majestic stone columns.

In the 16th century, the fireplace was more elegant. It was decorated with marble, mosaics, images from biblical scenes, and hunting scenes. The family coat of arms was carved directly into the stone used to decorate the mid-century modern fireplace mantel. The level of elegance and richness of mid-century brick fireplace decoration was an indicator of status. That is why the owners did not skimp on marble, granite, or mosaics.

The mid-century modern fireplace design ideas:

  • candelabras with burning candles,
  • elaborate clocks,
  • gold objects,
  • vases with fresh flowers.

The luxury and elegance of the Baroque was seen not only in the mantels but also in the space around them. Often the pattern of mantel curls was repeated in the carving of the frame above the freestanding modern fireplace.

In the Classical period, pompous baroque lines and forms were replaced by more laconic ones. Marble was still very much in vogue, and basalt, granite, and malachite came into vogue. Vases and candelabras remained in the mid-century fireplace decor, but there was less gilding, and wrought iron grilles appeared.

The mid-century modern fireplace has a special philosophy. Now in the drawings, you can see the whimsical, rhythmically repeating lines. There is a mixture of stone, wood elements, and metal, and wooden panels and paintings are combined in the space above the fireplace.

Modern Fireplaces

Today, indoor environments are increasingly using:

  • classic vintage mid-century fireplace;
  • electric fireplace;
  • false fireplace;
  • biokamine.

These are not the same as 1950s fireplaces. A classic fireplace is not an idea for an apartment. Such options are designed for private country houses. Here, in addition to decorative, they perform a practical function: warm the room. For kindling, real “live” wood or briquettes are used.

The Main Types of Fireplaces

We hope that the following information helps better guide you in choosing your fireplace.

By type of fuel:

  1. Wood-burning fireplaces. The most common option for mid-century modern wood burning stove, creating a special feeling of warmth in any room with a slight smell of burning wood logs. A mid-century brick fireplace(mostly with an open firebox) built of natural stone or brick is considered traditional. For example, fireplaces in the English style.
  2. Gas fireplaces. The flame of the mid-century modern gas fireplace is maintained by the supply of combustible natural or liquefied gas.
  3. Electric fireplaces. This type of mid-century modern freestanding fireplace is powered by electricity and does not require fuel. There are different types of electric fireplaces, the installation of which is the cheapest option available to almost everyone. An electric fireplace is easy to install in any apartment. It is very convenient and easy, but this variant of the fireplace deprives you of the joy of contemplating a live fire.
  4. Biokamines. It is a type of fireplace, the design of which embodied the new technology of the 21st century. Special fuel of plant origin in the combustion does not from smoke, ash, and soot. This fireplace does not require a chimney, and you can install it anywhere.

According to the type of firebox:

  1. Open type fireplaces. Here, the flame burns, nothing separated from the room, except only a decorative fireplace grate. Due to the intense inflow of air into the furnace, you can see a bright, clear flame.
  2. Closed-type fireplaces. The furnace part of the fireplace is isolated from the room with a door with special heat-resistant glass. Fuel (gas or wood) burns behind a closed door of the furnace. And you can admire the fire burning only through the glass of the firebox. It is worth noting that there are also combined versions of the firebox, in which the door rises smoothly upwards.

The Correct Location of the Fireplace in the Interior

The Correct Location of the Fireplace in the Interior

Starting the project of arrangement of the fireplace in the house, first of all it is necessary to think about the place of its placement. There are several options for placement:

Central Location

Placing for example a retro freestanding fireplace in the middle of the room, you certainly make it the main focus. It looks stylish and allows you to give the interior a special charm of country coziness. This location also allows you to effectively warm the room, as the warm air freely circulates throughout the room.

But there is a disadvantage in such a dislocation: the fireplace takes up most of the area and interferes with movement.

Wall-mounted Fireplace

One of the most common options with a lot of advantages: saving room space, efficient heating, the possibility of creating a separate zone of rest, etc.

The only disadvantage is that you have to take care of fire safety and lay an additional insulation layer between the fireplace and the wall.

Angular Fireplace

This variant is suitable even for the smallest room because it takes up a very small area. In addition, the corner design looks especially stylish. It is better to choose a place where the fireplace is slightly offset to the side from the entrance. Avoid drafts in the path of the fireplace.

Wood-burning Ceiling Fireplace

Mid-century suspended fireplace is arranged in the same way as a mid-century modern wood-burning fireplace — they have a metal firebox, which is connected to the chimney and creates something like a mid-century metal fireplace. Fireplaces belong to the “luxury” class and are usually made to order. The materials used are fire-resistant steel, bronze, or copper.

Cladding Styles for the Fireplace

Mid-century fireplace tile ideas can come in a wide variety of styles. We'll list the main styles of fireplace cladding that are most in-demand.

Classic Style

Classic Style fireplace

Characteristic features of these fireplaces — an open firebox with a cast-iron grate, surrounded by marble carved compositions or columns in the antique manner.


Country fireplace

This style is also called “rustic”. In the lower recess, there is a niche for firewood, the main opening is the firebox, and the upper part of the facing can serve as storage for auxiliary tools or for displaying various decorative ornaments.


Mid-Century Modern Fireplace

Facing in this style is used in modern living spaces. One of the characteristic features of this style is the facing of the mid-century modern fireplace wall from floor to ceiling, regardless of the height of the firebox itself. Here, as a rule, there are no too deliberate decorative elements. The decoration of the fireplace is not as colorful — minimalistic patterns or their complete absence. The most common form of cladding — rectangular or semicircular.

High-tech Fireplaces

High-tech Fireplaces

High-tech is an ultramodern style oriented to the latest trends in interior fashion, sometimes comprising significant elements of futurism. In this postmodernist style, there is frequent play with shape, design, and color, searching for new ideas and design solutions. In the choice of facing materials for the mid-century modern fireplace tile, the advantage is given to the most innovative materials and technologies: glass, stainless steel, heat-resistant plastic.

No matter what kind of mid-century modern fireplace ideas you have chosen, we think the main thing is for you to like it. Then the fireplace is in harmony with the overall atmosphere of the house and gives exactly as much heat as you need.

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