Mediterranean-Style Kitchen | The Smell of the Sea and the Freshness of the Breeze Even in the City

mediterranean kitchen design

The mediterranean style kitchen is perfect for people who value comfort and want to make the most of the space, using even in the decor those things that carry a functional load. The interior will protect from the noise and rush of the metropolis and create an island of calmness and comfort in the kitchen. It remains to choose only the direction of the Mediterranean style, and then after finishing and decorating the kitchen, cooking and joint dinners on it will only be a joy.

Mediterranean kitchen design features

The Mediterranean Sea is washed by several countries, so we can safely say about a mixture of cultures and even ancient civilizations. Of course, this resonated with the modern mediterranean kitchen ideas of the space - the interior resembles that of the villas here.

The Mediterranean style is distinguished by its simplicity. It is necessary for those who want to escape from the bustle of the city to a calm and measured life. There are several areas of the Mediterranean style, which can be conditionally divided according to the territorial principle.


To imagine the atmosphere of the Greek style, you just need to remember the beautiful island of Santorini with its white and blue houses. At the same time, the houses themselves are snow-white so as not to heat up in the sun, and all the architectural details - shutters, doors - are made in a deep blue color.

Mediterranean kitchen colors are most often chosen in cold tones and are used in the following combinations:

  • lemon, pale yellow or terracotta;
  • green, blue with white;
  • pink and red tones.

Plaster is used for decoration, and red-brown tiles are placed on the floor.


The Italian interior, on the other hand, prefers warmer shades:

  • green, in particular olive, pistachio;
  • beige, light brown;
  • wheat, golden;
  • orange.

Wood is often placed on the floor, usually whitewashed. But tiles decorated with ornate patterns are also suitable.


African interiors are inspired by the colors that surround it with natural colors, for example:

  • yellow sand;
  • the blue water of the Nile;
  • lonely green oasis.

In this subtype of the mediterranean kitchen design, wood is most commonly used.


In such an interior, you can find the most picturesque colors:

  • ocher;
  • terracotta;
  • chocolate and other shades of dark brown;
  • warm tones of yellow and orange.

But the Spanish zest is given to the interior by the bright inserts for which it is used.

  • blue;
  • green;
  • the black;
  • white;
  • red.


Considering the listed style features, you can achieve a unique and stylish interior. It is worth starting with the decoration, namely the floor, walls and ceiling.


mediterranean style kitchen

Since the materials are used exclusively natural, ceramic tiles or its more modern floor counterpart - porcelain stoneware - are most often placed on the floor. The color scheme depends on the chosen territorial subspecies, but most often these are sandy or brown tones. Terracotta is in trend now.

It is possible to use marble mosaic, natural stone or its high-quality imitation. An excellent solution would be to install the "Warm floor" system under the tiles - this will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, as well as give pleasant sensations to your feet: you can draw a parallel with the warm sand of the Mediterranean.

If you use wood, then only bleached, so as not to draw too much attention to it. Laminate or linoleum is also suitable for budget repairs, but they must be of very high quality and have a distinct natural structure.


The ceiling is leveled and plastered, then white or pastel paint is applied. To create an atmosphere, thin wooden slats are also suitable - they can be safely used for low ceilings or small rooms.

Bunk ceilings made of plasterboard and stretch ceiling will look inappropriate, because the essence of the mediterranean kitchen decorating is in simplicity.


Only one wall can be used to determine which subtype of the Mediterranean style. If the unevenness and rough sloppy texture is emphasized, this is the Greek direction. The walls are specially covered with textured plaster, and then light paint is applied - preferably white. Then you can add mediterranean style kitchen cabinets.

Mediterranean Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Modern materials are absolutely not suitable for the Mediterranean style: they will violate the harmony of a simple country house. Here it is better to focus on the classics - ordinary ceramic tiles or mosaics. It is worth taking a closer look at the aged options.

You can decorate the mediterranean kitchen backsplash with marble mosaics or hand-painted tiles. Ceramics with Portuguese azulejo ornaments, Italian majolica or tiles are especially appreciated.

Furniture Selection

After the main finish, you should pay attention to the furniture, which will look harmonious in the mediterranean kitchen decor. Several simple requirements are imposed on it:

  • have massive shapes;
  • be made of natural wood.

For the Italian style, it is allowed to use not very massive furniture with light carvings.

There are several attributes that will perfectly emphasize the style and will look very organic:

  • sideboard with open shelves, made of wood;
  • massive large table with wrought iron or wicker chairs;
  • mosaic on the countertop;
  • large rectangular sink;
  • mediterranean kitchen cabinets;
  • variety of different shelves.

Textiles are used extremely rarely:

Blinds or shutters are placed on the windows instead of curtains;

The tablecloth only appears on special holidays.

The only exception to this rule is pillows, which are traditionally placed on every wrought-iron or wicker chair.

But with the dishes, the situation is completely opposite: it is placed everywhere on various shelves and at the same time serves as a decorative element. Actively used dishes are hung on special fasteners near the stove.


There should be a lot of light. The use of LED spotlights is undesirable, but atmospheric forged or aged sconces or floor lamps are great.


mediterranean kitchen decor

The decor of a modern mediterranean kitchen should be practical, and a lot of accessories are discouraged. The following elements are suitable for decorating the Mediterranean style:

  • live plants
  • filled jars for bulk products (there you can store spices, tea, coffee, dried fruits, cereals)
  • curtains are not necessarily considered part of the Mediterranean style, as windows are often decorated with shutters or blinds
  • chair covers and cushions
  • wicker rugs, the basis of which is straw, reed or ordinary reeds.


Even in such a simple style kitchen, there should only be modern and multifunctional appliances that will make life easier for the hostess. The only attribute that must be displayed is the hood. It is considered an integral part of the Mediterranean style.


It is worth choosing a large shell - perhaps even a double one with a wing. It is better to refuse stainless steel sinks and prefer more atmospheric options - for example, ceramics or artificial stone.


The Mediterranean style implies large spaces, so the layout of the room can be absolutely any. But it should be borne in mind that the kitchen here is not only a place for preparing dinners and lunches, but also a room for receiving guests. Therefore, most often a large table is placed in the center, where even the largest family can fit, and chairs are placed around.

Advantages and disadvantages

mediterranean kitchen ideas

The indisputable advantages of mediterranean themed kitchen include:

  1. simplicity of interior and design;
  2. budgetary cost of finishing;
  3. functionality of each item;
  4. high degree of illumination.

The disadvantage is the impossibility of decorating a small kitchen in this style.

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