Curtains with Matching Wallpaper: Harmony of Colors and Material

Curtains with Matching Wallpaper

The final touch in decorating a room is the color of the walls and the design of the window. Matching wallpaper and curtains to a room's interior does not mean going to a fabric store and choosing the first thing that caught your eye in terms of color, style, or price. Directionality in the design of the room implies that everything, including drapes and curtains, is thought out in detail.

Choosing according to the Style of Room Design

Style in the interior of the room is reflected in the selection of curtains, and the combination of colors with wallpaper is subject to the general rules of design. For the basis of how to match the curtains to the wallpaper, the classic style is taken. The main principles of the classic style were formed in the 17th century and are still relevant today. Classic is suitable for any interior if the color palette is selected correctly. In this style, curtains are used in color to the wallpaper – they are two or three tones darker if the walls of the room are in light tones, or a couple of tones lighter if the walls of the room are finished in dark tones.

If you need to pick up curtains to wallpaper with a pattern, follow one of two directions.

The first – buy curtains, the same color as the ornaments on the wallpaper, the second – buy curtains, matching wallpapers and the color of the background. By choosing one of the options, you can create a harmonious, unified design.

Curtains and wallpaper with the same pattern are widely used. The color palette of the walls and curtains can be completely identical or have slight differences. In order that the curtains and wallpaper do not merge into a single whole, the window is supplemented with transparent curtains with flounces, ruffles, and tackles of contrasting colors.

Rules for Matching Wallpaper and Curtains

Rules for Matching Wallpaper and Curtains

The easiest way is to pick up curtains to the wallpaper and matching fabric in the apartment, the interior of which is sustained in the style of minimalism.

Five rules apply here:

  • Portieres are monochrome or with a minimum of geometry that does not attract attention;
  • If possible, the curtain covers the entire wall, from floor to ceiling;
  • There should be no dark, unlit places in the room, so a combination of two curtains – thick for the night and transparent for a day;
  • No embellishments in the form of lambrequins, ruffles, ruffles, and ties are used, only uniform fringes;
  • Minimum of additional accessories.

Selection according to the Room

Color Combination Options curtains

Finishing each room has its own characteristics:

In the bedroom, it is customary to use soft, soothing monotone shades. According to the rules of design, it is better to choose curtains with matching wallpaper in the bedroom based on the colors of the bedspread, bed linen or wall color. If the walls are finished in pink, blue, lettuce or peach tones, then the fabric for the curtains is used several tones darker. The daylight-permeable curtains are sewn from lightweight tulle in the lightest colors.

Creating the image of the living room is a vast field of activity for the imagination. Here it is possible to realize all your ideas. You can combine any colors if you choose them with taste and maintain a golden mean. Avoid only a few combinations that look ridiculous.

Non-combinable colors:

  • Blue – green;
  • Pink – black;
  • Orange – violet;
  • Lilac – yellow.

But even these colors do not spoil the overall palette of the living room if you use them as separate design details in the decoration of portières, sofa cushions, wall decorations.

The kitchen is the smallest room in the house, so you should try to make the window framing work for its visual expansion. You can match the color of curtains in your kitchen with any interior elements: apron, furniture, walls. If you decide to combine curtains with wallpaper, it is better to choose a contrasting color with respect to the walls.

With the help of such a reception, the window stands out against the general curtains backgrounds, it seems brighter and brighter. Also in the kitchen, jewelry of practical purpose comes in handy: garter belts, garters, short curtains, combined with the details of the kitchen design, but contrasting with the color of the walls.

Color Combination Options

In living rooms, bedrooms, and bedrooms, curtains are matched with wallpaper or furniture, which are the most important details in the room. But it should be taken into account that the pieces of furniture are not changed as often as the wallpaper. If in 3 – 4 years you want to change the decoration of the room, it is easier to change the wallpapers that match and pick up the curtains than to change the furniture. The most difficult task, in this case, is to match the color of the curtains with the wallpaper.

Matching Curtains to Wallpaper

Matching Curtains to Wallpaper

To simplify the selection process, it is right to be guided by some proven design techniques.

For example, if the walls in the room are pasted in bright, eye-catching colors, pick up the color of the curtains to the wallpaper in the tone of the dominant coloring.

  • Red curtains wallpaper, brown and chocolate curtains match burgundy perfectly, but pastel, soft colors look great in combination with calm, not saturated colors. On this principle, curtains are purchased to match the red wallpaper.
  • It should be taken into account that not all bright colors are combined only with colors related to shade. The exception is orange, it harmonizes with almost all colors and their shades: green and yellow, red and brown, pink and beige.
  • Also, curtains of almost all colors harmonize with the walls covered with yellow wallpaper.
  • Blue and blue curtains go with yellow wallpaper or sandy. This combination is often used in children's and teenage rooms for boys.
  • In a yellow room, blue or blue curtains with a yellow print, for example, in the form of stars, look interesting. With this approach to the design of the window, make sure that the shades of yellow on the walls and curtains are identical.
  • Blue shower curtains with matching wallpaper border are used to create a Scandinavian style or maritime themes, and in the picture with the presence of blue preference is given to simple geometric patterns: wide stripes, zigzags, wavy lines.
  • If the room is already pasted with a pattern, the curtains are better to buy a monochrome, and vice versa, for monochrome wallpaper well-suited curtains with ornaments that match the style design of the room. This rule is always valid when buying curtains in the color of the wallpaper. Blue is so unconventional, that brightly colored furniture upholstery and mottled curtains may look out of place next to blue walls. Therefore, you can't go wrong if you hang white or pale blue curtains under the blue wallpaper. However, it is not recommended to use faded, inexpressive colors in combination with blue.
  • Against the background of pure, saturated color, dim details look dull and unattractive, the window is lost, and has the appearance of a dirty spot.

Little Tricks for Combining Colors

If the wallpaper has a large pattern, which includes several colors, it is more reasonable to choose monochrome drapes under the furniture upholstery. It is not necessary for the colors to match one another, even the presence of small differences in shades looks natural.

Designers recommend buying more fabric for curtains and sewing a blanket for the sofa or pillowcases for sofa cushions from the remaining material.

This eliminates the need to match the color of the curtains with the walls or upholstery.

Choosing mural curtains for the living room with large colors, it is better to give preference to monochrome fabrics of calm tones. If they are in harmony with the background filling of the wallpaper, the window dressing looks like the whole with the walls. This method works flawlessly in a small room, which, for whatever reason, is glued to the wallpaper with a volumetric pattern. If you can not decide in favor of a particular color when choosing curtains, matching wallpaper and fabrics, highlight the largest part of the furnishings, such as the sofa, and be guided by the color of its upholstery.

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