Swedish-Based Massproductions Collaborates With Flora Mottini To Rework Armchairs

flora mottini

Swedish-based label Massproductions has recently partnered with the artist from Geneva Flora Mottini to give a second life to Crown Armchairs.

The partnership is named Face Lift and strives to help buyers maintain and restore the used furniture. In addition, Massproductions has presented The Crown Jewels, on which four artists worked.

For the collaboration, Mottini was inspired by sci-fi images, psychedelia, and surrealism. She brought the aesthetics from the cartoons of the ’30s to ’50s, as well as from everyday life and environments.

As a result, they got fluffy designs and silhouettes made in blue color. The piece is reworked with a soft foam material that was previously used in the artist’s previous projects. And irregular patterns give a chair a pleated look.

The series will be shown at an exhibition at the brand’s showroom. The piece will be on display until January 20.

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