How to Make Mason Jar Patio Lights and Decorate an Evening Area Near Your Home?

How to Make Mason Jar

We bring you several mason jar outdoor lighting ideas designed to decorate and add a stylish look to your backyard or home patio.

Mason jar lights of all sizes have skyrocketed in popularity along with burlap and pallets as DIY and upcycle project materials. They give your space a sweet, homey, quirky atmosphere, both indoors and outdoors.

DIY mason jar lights are, actually, incredibly versatile as a crafting base. Of course, they’re perfect for their original intended purpose: as containers for jellies, jams, and other preserves, but they’re also excellent and relatively sturdy housing for more fragile light bulbs.

Outdoor hanging mason jar light can be prohibitively expensive, and if you are on a budget, you probably don’t want to spend the money on mason jar lighting in your backyard or patio, even if you plan on spending a great deal of time outside at night.

The glow of these illuminary projects is sure to add an incredibly soft, romantic atmosphere to any patio or backyard, large or small, whether you string them along a rustic wooden fence or hang them like a chandelier under a covered patio.

How to Make Mason Jar Outdoor Lighting? Step-by-Step Instruction

For the manufacture of flashlights, as a rule, you will need:

- several cans;

- wire;

- cans of paint;

- nail;

- hammer

Step 1

Remove the lids from the bricklayer's jars and set them aside. Spray a light, even layer of matte spray on the inside of the cans. Place the LED lights for mason jars face up to dry.

Step 2

While the cans are drying, remove the metal inserts from the lids. Use a permanent marker to trace the shapes of the inserts on the plexiglass sheet.

Step 3

Use the aviator scissors to cut the plexiglass circles. (We found it easiest to cut a square around each circle and then cut off the corners.) Smooth out any rough edges with sandpaper until the circles fit inside the cap rings.

Step 4

Remove the top of each rack that contains the solar cells and mason jar outside lights bulbs. Apply adhesive around the perimeter of the solar cell and press it against the center of the plexiglass circle. Repeat the same for the rest of the lights.

When the glue is dry, reassemble each lantern by inserting a circle into the ring of the lid and screwing the ring onto the ball jar light. Place the finished lights where they will be in direct sunlight and watch them glow in the dark later.

Lanterns or candlesticks for the street are ready. In the summer they can be made in color, in the fall - in warm pastel colors or bright orange, and in the winter - in pale blue, silver or lilac. If there is a themed evening, then can lantern become a godsend for creating a fashionable design.

They can be used not only for the street but also indoors. Homemade Lanterns - Crafts will be a great lamp when the lights are turned off.

Design Ideas of Canning Jar Lights - Top-26 Best Solutions

Our collection features a number of unique projects that range from more complex projects to simple projects you can do with older children. We’re sure you’ll find something incredible to illuminate your backyard!

1. Candlelit Mason Jars

Candlelit Mason Jars

Thick, sturdy chains attach these simple mason jar twinkle lights to the top of a fence or other vertical surface. The tops of these lights are open, as not to smother the candle’s flame. Small pebbles keep the candles snugly in place. You can easily place a cover on these to protect them from the rain.

2. Colored Marble Mason Jar

This incredibly simple lantern is perfect to sit on a patio table. A small hole in the top lets the candle inside breathe, and the exterior is covered with colored glass marbles that create a gorgeous shadow. A simple wire handle allows this lantern to be moved easily while lit.

3. Simple Ball Jar String Lights

The thicker, sturdier mason jar outdoor lights protect these thin, delicate light bulbs from any wind or weather. Strung along a fence, or even along the edge of a covered patio, these provide a soft yellow light that isn’t too glaring for a nighttime gathering.

4. Rainbow Ball Jar String Lighting

Rainbow Ball Jar String Lighting

A simple colored glaze can transform a string of ball mason jar outdoor light fixtures into an adorable rainbow. These can be strung along a fence, or simply placed along a railing or branch, as shown above.

5. Solar-Top Mason Jar Lights

How to make mason jar string lights? Probably the easiest project here! In addition, you can use them in a bathroom during dark nights. By replacing the typical top of a DIY mason jar string lights with a screw-on solar light cap, you can easily make environmentally friendly solar lanterns with a bit of rustic chic flair.

6. Natural Fiber Strung Hanging Lights

Twine is what fastens these simple lights to the tree branch. Small clusters of outdoor icicle mason jar tree lights create the soft luminary effect.

7. Glowing Neon Starry Night Lights

Glowing Neon Starry Night Lights

This fun project with mason jar patio lights is perfect for late-night parties or bonfires. The otherworldly neon glow of these simple jars sets them apart from any other mason jar light.

8. LED Rustic Outdoor Party Lights

Groups of LED lights are contained within frosted mason jars, which cut down on any harsh glare and create a firefly effect within the jar. Three or more jars are fastened to thick ropes and attached to the top of a covered patio.

9. Solar Stake Pathway Lights

These cute solar mason jar string lights stake lights are easy to make and are the perfect addition to any garden pathway. Plus, they’re solar lights, so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or bulbs.

10. Mason Jar Tiki Torch

Mason Jar Tiki Torch

Traditional tiki-torches are large and can be difficult to fit into your decor unless, of course, your decor is beachy or tropical. These smaller, cute mason jar citronella candles will keep bugs away just as well, and can easily be positioned wherever you need. This decoration is the perfect way to set the mood with LED torches that glow and animate in any color. Since the torch has no flames, it's perfect even indoors.

11. DIY Oil Lamp

You can perfectly finish the decoration with rusty mason jars with lights inside with flowers. Old canteens seem to be perfect to hold a small bouquet of flowers!

12. Hanging Pendant Lights

In our opinion, these mason jar porch lights would be a great idea for decorating your garden.

13. Blue Glass Lamp

Blue Glass Lamp

Get creative here! Choose a color that suits your interior and fill the stone jar with whatever you like.

14. Painted Lamps for Cans

You can also try decorating the mason jar hanging lights with a variety of themes, based on the season and the upcoming holidays.

15. Jars of Gleeful Jam

This idea of lights in jars’ decorations is perfect for any random size jar you have. Just find your version to your liking.

16. Covered with lace candlesticks.

Covered with lace candlesticks

Change the purpose of your old sweaters, sweaters, and other knitted items! Use them as bracelets or headbands, or just make a fancy candlestick.

17. Votives Fabric Trim

Our personal advice on this option is to only use battery-operated tealight candles, not real candles because there is a chance the flames will touch the fabric.

18. Mason Music Banks

Your love for shabby chic and vintage pieces will grow even more.

19. Glass Jar Special

Glass Jar Special

What a great and easy way to personalize banks! Just apply your own unique lights to put in mason jars, drawing or even lettering.

20. Porcelain design

This option is ideal for office supplies or small items in the bathroom.

21. Metallic Vases

It is a simple & easy way to get more of all those jars you keep saving.

22. Key Hook

Key Hook

The best thing about this project is that you can store whatever you need in stone jars. We would use it for keys.

23. Soap Dispenser

Originally intended for the outdoor sink, I think this will look perfectly indoors.

24. Vintage Photo Mason Jar

Put your memories in a jar. For example, you can display significant events in such a lamp.

25. Mondrian Inspired Mason Jars

Mondrian Inspired Mason Jars

This is a real work of art. Stained-glass will look not only stylish but also very artistic, which will give your lighting a magical charm.

26. Dream Jar

Store your dreams in the bank! Put notes in the jar that only you will know about, and believe that all your wishes will come true!

Do you want to decorate the exterior of a summer cottage or a personal plot? Make your own lanterns and fill the atmosphere with romance and comfort. In summer, lanterns will help illuminate the gazebo, and in winter, they will create fabulous shadows in the snow. With your own hands, you can make an inexpensive light source for gatherings in the yard and surprise friends and family with ingenuity.

If you are a Pinterest fan and are into DIY craft projects, you've probably come across numerous photos of Mason cans. And now you know how to make mason jar lights for outside.

Moreover, we think the world is full of great ideas, so you can easily find something for yourself.

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