Mario Cucinella Architects Teamed Up With Wasp To Create a First Clay House

Mario Cucinella Architects

Mario Cucinella Architects in collaboration with a leading Italian company of 3D printing, Wasp created the first clay house in the world. It took 200 hours to print it. This process is called Tecla, the safest variant due to its absolute absence of refuse and delivery of materials to the construction site.

3D-Printed House by wasp

At first sight, the house resembles a big old cave and there are even no thoughts that the colossal work was made on it. But it is the main advantage of the creation. Just imagine how many people will arrive to see the house. Inside the building are located a kitchen and living room. One part of the furniture is integrated into the structure and the other freestanding items are designed for further processing and refuse. The shape of the structure additionally ensures its stability.

3D-Printed House Made of Clay

The development of the project was made together with the School of Sustainability. It is the organization that learns the ability to build the construction from the local materials without the need to supply them.

In modern society, it became popular to care about the environment, fortunately.

And what do you think about such development? Have you ever wanted to live in an unusual home? Share your impressions in the comments below!

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