Manipulation with Space – How to Make Small Kitchen Look Bigger

kitchen look bigger

In the condition of the high cost of square meters in the cities far not everybody can afford a big apartment with a huge kitchen. So most of us have to be satisfied with small narrow boxes, where all the family has to get together for having a meal.

But the small kitchen is far not a big problem if you use the smart approach in its organization. So these few rules will help to make the space of the little kitchen more convenient and functional.

  • First of all, the top cabinets must be of maximum high. The best case – when they reach the very ceiling. It’s absolutely irrational to leave the space on top of them. To reach the highest places use the stepladder. By the way, it also can be a stylish element of design.
  • Do not use dark intensive colors. To extend the space visually use light and pale hues as a base of the interior.
  • Apply more drawers in the lower cabinets. They help to reach all the corners of the inside and to organize the space more effectively.
  • Do not buy a small sink. It sounds controversial, but it is true. Sometimes small sink cannot fit all the dirty stuff and you will need to replace it with the countertop, and this will create an additional disorder.
  • Remove the door. Any kind of dividers makes the room look smaller, so you can join up the kitchen and hallway to bring a sense of space and extend the kitchen visually.
  • Say no to massive elements of décor. Also, try to get rid of all the things that do not have any practical application.
  • Use special ergonomic furniture. The main principles of it are effectiveness, safety, comfort. It is created to make all the processes maximum effective and simple. And of course to use the space smartly.
  • Use the windowsill as an extension of the countertop. The best case if there is a possibility to join them up and to create the holistic working space which includes the place under the window.
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