Estudio Felipe Escudero Designed a House Around Central Magnolia Tree

Minimalist house
It is located at the top of a mountain valley

Magnolia House 700 square meters is located in the Los Arrayanes neighborhood of Puembo, Ecuador. Estudio Felipe Escudero has created a home around the central magnolia tree. The one-story building is situated around the central courtyard that surrounds a great magnolia tree. The architect built the dwelling especially for his mother who loved these plants from her very childhood.

Courtyard with tree
Felipe Escudero was informed by his mother's affinity to magnolia trees
Central magnolia tree
The house is built around a central magnolia tree

The whole house revolves around one tree. The studio described its project as the spaceship that has just landed. Concrete, the rigid and heavy material looks like it flies in space. The great overhangs provide natural cooling to the areas underneath. The only thing that interrupts the concrete wall is the magnolia tree, the top of which is seen from the central open-air courtyard.

Near Life furniture
The home features furniture from the firm's first collection

The inside courtyard can be reached via glass doors in the glass walls from the floor to the ceiling. Bedrooms are situated throughout the whole home. The left part of the house features the kids' bedroom, bathroom, the main bedroom, and the wardrobe. Besides the central courtyard, there is also an indoor and outdoor living room which is separated by great sliding doors that shows the great view on the large terrace and swimming pool. All the furniture is presented from the firm`s first collection.

Bedroom with sliding doors
Bedrooms can be found on each side of the house

The right part of the home features the guest bedroom, bathroom, smaller visitor bathroom, main and secondary kitchen. The open-plan dining room shows the marble-topped table and textured chairs.

Living room
The living room can be split between inside and outside through sliding doors

The lighting wrapped in a transparent bubble-like tube is hung up above the dining table. The previous projects are the warehouses and offices of a cheese factory, the home located in Quito made especially for rap music performing.

Bubble-like lighting
Lighting encased in a bubble-like, transparent tube is suspended above the dining table

And what do you think about the dwelling? Do you want to live in such an interesting house? Let us know in the comments below!

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