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So much is written and said about the style of minimalism - much more than there are details in it. And this is not surprising - all modern interior styles somehow exploit this theme and tend to avoid unnecessary details.

In the understanding of modern society, real luxury means being able to do with a minimum of things. At the same time, minimalistic interiors made by modern designers don’t look dry and ascetic, but exclusive and magnificent.

How to combine seemingly incompatible things in the right way and achieve the impression of luxury from a minimalist interior?

Here Are Minimalist Design Principles

  • The materials should stand out with a magnificent, noble, luxurious texture. Marble, velvet, natural wood, but in its original form, without traces of unnecessary decor.
  • The beauty of the minimalistic interior is not made of decorations, but a combination of textures. Contrasts of warm/fluffy with smooth and cold, glossy/ polished with matte and rough will look much more luxurious with the use of one color in the monochrome interiors.
  • Luxurious minimalism is emphasized by its color range from neoclassic, focusing on creating an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. The ideal interior is maintained completely in neutral tones. The combination of different neutral shades is particularly spectacular, giving minimalism a sophisticated elegance.
  • There should be few pieces of furniture in a minimalistic interior - only the most necessary, but they should be expressive with their laconic form, perfect proportions, and spectacular texture.
  • The entire interior in minimalism is built around one, the main item of furniture. A bed, a sofa, an “island” kitchen are all "interior-forming" objects.
  • Since the minimalistic interior has a few pieces of furniture, you should spend a lot of money on them and pick up really worthwhile specimens, which combine simplicity and luxury. In this case, the pieces of furniture must certainly be not only beautiful but strictly functional, in accordance with all the latest technological standards.
  • The minimalistic interior often allows you to organize a lot of space for storage. Large dressing rooms, spacious wardrobes, but all storage must be carefully hidden from prying eyes.

Minimalism always requires light and air, so large panoramic windows are in favor. And a magnificent view from the window and the possibility of the widest possible view is another sign of a luxurious interior. Many people think that minimalism is an empty white box. But any designer will say the opposite - it's a luxury interior, which looks cozy due to the game of light and expensive textures.

That's why it requires careful design work and expensive materials. In minimalistic interiors, special attention is paid to the quality and aesthetics of the materials used - when we refuse unnecessary decoration, the most important thing remains in sight. In the way this is a great chance to make a room/area more interesting - choose furniture made of unusual material or with expressive features of the surface. Stone worktops, impressive natural stone pattern, wood with minimal processing of edges, attractive veneer look spectacular.

Luxury Lighting

The cold shade of white color is the main interior mistake in minimalism. That's why Nordic designers often mix in a little warm yellow into white plaster (or wall paint) to make the shade homey and shining from the inside.

If you want the purest white interior, you need to think carefully about the lighting. It has to be different, warm, and correspond to all household scenarios of the apartment. It's the light in the minimalistic interiors that makes the space zoned. Of course, such lighting is achieved with the help of expensive designer luminaires and light shades.

Designer Furniture and Concealed Fittings

The laconic textured furniture in the style of minimalism is selected from designer collections. It is not possible to take Ikea furniture in the Scandinavian style and organize its noble minimalism.

The built-in furniture is made to order. Moreover, minimalism isn’t simply fittings, pens, or decorative details. Furniture doors without handles are complemented by special spring mechanisms Click-on. Such concealed fittings are accordingly more expensive.

Home Built-In Appliances

As for home appliances, it should be all built-in - this is especially important for kitchen furniture. As you know, built-in appliances are separate developments of designers and furniture craftsmen.

The kitchen set in the style of minimalism with built-in appliances, door opening mechanisms without fittings should have a washable surface, well-considered lighting, and a stone worktop.

Expensive Finish

You can’t make noble minimalism without using noble materials. In modern minimalist interiors, designers often use large panels of white marble with grey textured veins. The coziness of this solution is added by elements of warm metals. Bronze or brass will fit perfectly here.

In bathrooms, it is used not the standard grout between marble tiles, but metal inserts. Plumbing is also available in warm shades. Designer plumbing belongs to the high price segment.

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