Loro Piana Launches Its First Collection of Candles Inspired by Fabrics

loro piana candle

Loro Piana, which is known for high-quality fabrics, has decided to bring its luxurious aesthetics to the house. The brand will release its first-ever collection of scented candles.

The Italian fashion house, famous for its wool and cashmere, will launch a collection that honors the delicate craftsmanship of Italian candlemakers.

All the items will be created with the same attention to detail as the brand's clothing. The candles will be available in three options and are made from natural materials only: paraffin, essential oils, cotton wick with natural pigments, and oak.

The names of the candles are connected with the brand origins and fabrics. For example, the wax of each is melded with the fabrics and yarns that were left from production. The items were created to celebrate the beauty of the raw materials.

Loro Piana Launches Its First-Ever Candle Collection
Loro Piana Launches Its First-Ever Candle Collection

Zibeline’s fragrance contains Mongolia, as well as notes of spice and cedarwood. The candle was handcrafted from the brand's scarves made of cashmere that were then blended into the wax. And Jacquard's fragrance features Myanmar and is a mix of sweet flowers and more sour accents. Cashmere was also used in this candle. Bouclé consists of a fresh and light bouquet that is aimed to resemble New Zealand, home to the best wool in the world.

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