Look at Cuata II House in the Form of a White Cube Designed by Aldana Sánchez

Cuata II House

Take a look at a residence made in the white cube form. The construction takes place in a suburban family clump and features narrow grounds and double-height windows. The refreshed interior is completed with polished finishes that can fight the harsh weather of the Mexican southeast.

Titled Twin House II, a refined residence consists of two houses located in a private suburb of Villahermosa. Due to the narrow space of the properties, the design of the buildings was aimed to generate ventilation, lighting, and wide views.

White Cube Designed by Aldana Sánchez

The buildings are divided by gaps and also include a garden, a water space between the structures, and parking in front of the house. The work itself is a cube designed for private use at the bottom, while the public space with the pool will be built in front of the house in the future.

The cube is made of elements that are used against the severe climate. Reflection and stopping the resistance to the cross-air prevents the accumulation of water and maintains a lower temperature of the interior.

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