Loft: History and Origin

the origin of loft in design

This flow in design has appeared at the beginning of the XX century in the USA. Nowadays loft means the stylization of industrial interior in apartments, offices, working spaces, multifunctional spaces with show-rooms, aft-cafes, restaurants, concert halls.

The history of appearing goes back to the time of the Great Depression in the USA. The owner of factories, workshops, and warehouses had no enough money to keep the business in the cities, so they started to move it to the countryside. So, the free buildings were taken by artists and bohemian youth in order to use is for exhibitions, saloons, getting together, concerts, etc. They were attracted by low prices (comparing to concert halls and art-centers) and the properties of this buildings: a lot of space and light, high ceilings. The golden youth started to bring to these abandoned spaces the furniture, textile, and decorative things from the lofts of their parents. In this way absolutely new and unique style has appeared: the combination of huge industrial space together with luxury stuff inside – expensive vintage furniture and posh accessories.

In the 1960s loft became widespread in Europe as well. Nowadays the apartments in the buildings of former factories, warehouses, and shipyards are the most expensive and prestigious.

The space in loft interiors is mostly not divided and open, not overloaded with walls, doors, and dividers. Space is usually divided not with the constructions but with elements of design, furniture, and types of light. Special effects are made by the industrial elements: pipes, wires, metal constructions, stairs, and unprocessed brick or surfaces.

The essential part of loft-design is the abundance of glass. Huge windows, dividers, stairs elements – they bring in the sense of space, freedom, and light.

To decorate this kind of place they usually choose the pop-art elements, which was the main-stream in the times, when loft appeared. Those are posters, plates, road signs, building numbers, commercials, and graffiti.

But the main thing in the loft is the sense of freedom and space, and it doesn’t really matter what it is filled up with.

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