Light as Part of Design: Nuances and Tips

lighting in the interior

Lighting creates mood and mode. If selected correctly, the sources of light and illuminating accents can change the interior or even fix the gaps in the architecture of the place.

Only the natural lighting is entirely neutral, that’s why it is optimal for human’s perception. In spite of all attempts that producers of electrical supplying make, they cannot make it as close to this ideal as is desired, cause every bulb has its color. That why it is necessary to take to attention the functional purpose of a room and preferences of the owner while planning the lighting.

The first thing that needs to be clarified is the color rendering index (it can be indicated on the packaging as CRI or Ra). This index indicates if the colors in the interior will be reflected correctly and adequately while using artificial lighting. It must be a minimum of 80 points (the perfect case is 90-100) for creating optimal illumination.

The second indicator is color temperature, responsible for the tone of light. It’s measured in Kelvins (indicated as K). The simplest scale consists of three tones: warm (≈2700-3000 К), neutral or white (≈4100 К), and the cold one (≈6500 К). It is recommended by designers to choose warm and white one for the rooms where people are to have rest after working day – where they have a meal and spend free time. This type of illuminating helps to create an easy and relaxing atmosphere.

Most of the time the cold lighting serves for the creation of a working atmosphere, that’s why it is used in the places where business mode and concentration is needed. The cold bulbs are used in the offices and establishments.

But regardless of this common rule lighting of different index and tone can be used at home if some simple designer’s advice is applied.


The best choice is neutral lighting here. But also remember about the safety – it must be enough amount of light and all lamps must be protected from water.

Kid’s Room

Warm lighting is the most recommended here. The neutral one can be used for illuminating the desk, where the child needs to be concentrated.

Living Room

The main rule here is in accordance with the light tone to the color scheme in the interior. Even though it must be the warm lighting in such a room, it will not look harmonious among cold colors, if the room is decorated in ones. The same rule is good for kitchen.

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