The Skincare Label LESSE Has Produced the First Handmade Candle Collection

LESSE candles

The famous skincare brand LESSE has released its first candle collection. The assemblage is created in collaboration with HANDS. The candles have the form of curvaceous vessels. LESSE is famed for its organic and sustainable cosmetics. And now they want to occupy a niche in designing home decor.

Creating a cozy atmosphere in your home by lighting a fire became fashionable again. The big range of ephemeral candles is made in the form of earthy vases and decanters. Every item has a unique design, created by the head of the company. Manufactured from beeswax candles will perfectly decorate every house and make an unforgettable dinner.

 Give yourself the miracle of a live heat. The period of a pandemic is the best time to equip your home, create the place with your own hand where you will want to return.

Have you ever tested handmade candles? Answer below the article!

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