Laundry Room Remodel Ideas: Six Options You’ll Love

If you have stumbled upon this article, you probably aren’t satisfied with your setup. It is time for a laundry room remodel! It is easy to make this room effortlessly stunning. Making this space your own and implementing some organization can make all the difference. When remodeling a laundry room, it is important to make the most of what you already have space-wise. Washers and dryers take up a ton of room so you will want to place them in a way that makes sense. Choose a design that works best for your layout, daily routine, and household. These laundry room remodeling ideas will change your lifestyle and make doing laundry a treat (not quite, but better)!

Laundry Room Remodel Ideas

Cottage Vibes

Bring the beach to your chores with these remodel laundry room ideas. Use cool blues and whites to accent this theme. Paint the walls white or grey. Bring in a blue bookshelf to store your detergents and towels. Place these items in woven baskets and clear jars to continue the beachy thread. Side note: cheesy detergent packaging will take away from the beachy effect. Incorporate some seashells on the counter above your washer and dryer set. Add some cottage themed art to the walls. You could even try hanging a paddleboard for unique decor. For floors, go for a cottage-like hardwood or light-colored tile. Complete it all with a vintage-looking and sweet beige hamper.

Closet Combo

This one is the epitome of convenient laundry remodels ideas on our list. If you are looking for complete convenience, why not merge the places you store and clean your clothes together? This will make your chores so much easier when you close the gap. Close proximity is key. Place your washer and dryer in a massive walk-in closet. Surround the machine with cabinets filled with clothing. Keep your supplies in cute containers for aesthetic purposes. Add a hanging rack above your machines to dry clothing. This space is a laundry room remodeling dream come true!

Small Space Saver

laundry room renovation ideas

If you want an attractive laundry room but have limited space, look no further. These remodeled laundry room ideas are here for your support. Try using a closet for your washer and dryer. This will act as a great use of space and keep your laundry area out of plain view. Make sure you have it installed properly with access to water and electricity needed. This will be worth the laundry room renovations if need be. Stack your machines on top of one another. The dryer above is best! Hang supplies you may need on the insides of the closed doors in an organized fashion. You can purchase hangers with compartments for all of your laundering goodies and cleaning supplies. Voila! Your laundry room renovation idea is complete.

Storage Galore

Next on our list of remodeled laundry room ideas is storage. Complete your laundry room with a matching storage wall. You can easily purchase a 4 by 4 square shelf or install it into the wall itself. Completely up to you! Ideally, this shelf should be white or wooden for a sleek look. These bright options will open up your space. Fill the matching shelf with wire and wooden baskets for storage and aesthetics. Use them to store laundry supplies like detergent, softener, and bleach. Also, consider keeping toilet paper and other cleaning supplies there as well. Another awesome tip is storing your ironing boards, step ladder, and a drying rack on the sides of the shelf. They fold easily and keeping them there will give you extra easy access. Finally, make sure you have a ton of hampers and baskets on hand. Keep one in the laundry room and one for the bedroom. You can even find hampers with divided compartments so you can sort out whites from colors as you go. We hope that was enough storage laundry remodel ideas for you!

Vintage Revival

It is hard to make a laundry room cute, but it is possible! One of the most fun remodels laundry room ideas is giving it a vintage feel. Surround your machines with all of the vintage details. Start by adding some funky wallpaper for your backdrop. Pick something bold, eclectic, and colorful. Choose antique storage boxes and laundry hampers for your space. If you can, install a vintage tile floor or backsplash to take it to the next level. You can even buy old school containers to dispense your detergent, laundry sheets, and other supplies.

Pegboard Design

A super unique way to keep things tidy is to use a pegboard. These aren’t exclusive to the tool shed any longer. Use the board to hang up laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, and first aid kits near your machines. This will keep your laundry room creative and functional!

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