Laundry Room Ideas: Tips and Tricks

laundry room decorating ideas

When you are busy on the go or with family, chores like doing laundry are the last thing on your mind. Laundry can be a grueling and boring task, especially when laundry room designs become an afterthought. Whoever said this space has to be a disgusting place we hope our guests never see? We can lessen the weight of our daily routine by making this space more functional and fashionable. These laundry room design ideas will make washing clothes feel like less of a chore!

How to Decorate a Laundry Room

There are many key elements that go into laundry room decor. They must be family-friendly and look great. Start by assessing the room you have to play around with. You want this place to feel like home, but not too cluttered. Ask yourself, what do I really need? Where will you store detergent, dirty and clean clothes, or other supplies? Consider how you can merge style and functionality by choosing decorative and utilitarian accents.

Laundry Room Design Ideas

Use these sources of inspiration as ideas for a laundry room! Adding a bit of decor or extra organization will make all the difference. After using these tips, you’ll have the best laundry room design.

Get Painting

A fresh coat of paint truly makes all the difference. An awesome one of many laundry room remodel ideas is to refresh your space with a bit of color. Upgrade your laundry room by painting walls or cabinets. Opt for a color choice that is on the brighter side. A gloomy laundry area makes chores tougher. A crisp white or bold color, like tiffany blue, should do the trick. If you are feeling really gutsy, go for an accent wallpaper! This change will make your laundry space a little lighter and full of life.

Cool Hampers

Laundry baskets are essential. A simple laundry room idea is to organize your space with a basket for clean clothes and a basket for dirty clothes. If your family is on the bigger side, you may need a few extras to keep chores running smoothly. Go for a simple basket or something with a cool shape or pattern. They come in many sizes and you can decide whether you would like a plastic or fabric laundry hamper.


A new interior design trend is to bring as many plants as possible into your home. That doesn't have to stop at the laundry room. This is one of our cute laundry room ideas! Placing a few succulents or an aloe by your laundry area will keep it looking fresh and natural. You can also drape a plant from a top shelf for a vine-like effect.

DIY Lint Disposer

Lint is super pesky. If we don’t remember to remove it, it can be a real hazard to your dryer and your home. These laundry room ideas DIY will make day to day laundry easier. Create a box labeled “Lint” and install it above or near your dryer. This way, you’ll be reminded to remove lint immediately. You can paint this box and personalize it to suit your home!

Drying Rack or Line

Not every clothing item you own can be placed in the dryer. Having a drying rack on hand is essential for air-drying items. This cool laundry room idea is not only safer for delicate fabrics, but also cost-efficient. Buy one in a fun color and make sure it is foldable. This way you will be able to tuck it away effectively. Another great option is the clothesline. If you don’t have available outdoor space or ideal weather, bring it indoors. Hang this line in an area of your laundry room where it won’t be disturbed or knocked over. The line can even be on the smaller side.

Bags for Delicates

Not all of your items will do well in your machines. Protect them by placing them in these special bags. They come in a variety of cute colors and sizes. Use them for anything from lingerie to delicate tops. You can even hang them as cute decor above your machines!

Pictures and Art

Every room in your home should feel personal. Photos of your family, dog, or cottage make great laundry room decorations. Place or one or two on the empty wall space you have. You can also decide to place a little abstract or scenic art on the wall instead. Make sure to place these images in nice frames that match the interior style of your home. You will love looking at personalized images while you clean up. A great chore distraction!


When doing chores, you should know what time it is. Installing a clock will keep you on schedule with your chores. They also conveniently make great style statements. You can go metallic, modern, or eclectic with your clock, depending on your style. This clock will add to your other laundry room decorating ideas!


Keep your chores simple with these laundry room decor ideas. Label your detergent, hampers, shelves, and anything else you might need. You will never mistake your laundry products again! You will love how easy this makes doing your laundry. Not to mention, it makes for some cute decor too.


If you have some old jars laying around, make use of them in the laundry room. You can use these jars for detergent, fabric softener, lint, or any other materials you need. These jars will give off a cuter vibe than the original packaging. If you are trying to go eco-friendly, find a zero-waste store to refill the jars with!

DIY Dryer Sheet Dispenser

Dryer sheets are an essential laundry item to have on hand. Take some inspiration from your kleenex box and apply it to dryer sheets. Use a ceramic tissue box cover for your dryer sheet dispenser. This will make it look more decorative and convenient!

Baskets Galore

These can be super extra pieces to have on hand. We don’t mean the ones you use to transport clothing to the bedroom. Have a few slightly smaller baskets on hand for towels and different items. Mix up your color palette with some fun wooden or colorful woven baskets!

Add a Sign

This is a classic decorating tactic. Install a sign above your washer and dryer with a saying that means something to you. It can say anything from “home is where the heart is” to “Wash. Dry. Fold.”

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