Kylie Jenner, Who Is Expecting the Second Child, Showed the Expansive Room

Kylie Jenner Expecting the Second Child

In September, Kylie Jenner finally confirmed the news that she is expecting her second child with Travis Scott. After that, the businesswoman began wearing translucent tight-fitting outfits. The family is looking forward to welcoming a new member to the family and is already preparing for this event.

Now, Kylie is renovating the room for the upcoming baby. She showed in a story on her Instagram page what a nursery looks like. There is still a lot of work ahead, but you can already see an interesting play space, wardrobe, and shelves for toys.

In the video, Kylie also added that she plans to make a slide. Apparently, the large room will contain everything necessary for the entertainment of the heirs.

Pregnant Kylie Jenner Showed a Huge Nursery

At the moment, the walls and furniture are designed in beige shades, so it is difficult to determine the gender of the future baby, which is still kept secret. However, fans think that Kylie will have a boy as she put blue hearts under the photo. And the interior of her car in the last pictures in the story suddenly became a blue shade.

Nursery for the Second Child of Kylie Jenner

The chic house which she bought for 36.5 million dollars has seven bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and two cinemas, one of which is open-air. The mansion also has a huge swimming pool and even a basketball court.

The design of Kylie's house is dominated by pastel colors. So, the interiors of the living rooms are made in shades of gray. Mostly natural materials were used in the decoration of the bases. For example, the house has a lot of marble surfaces. Several rooms have direct access to the pool, and thanks to the panoramic windows, the rooms are always very bright.

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