Know Your Place! The Fanciest Chairs in This Season

chair - a fancy detail

Every detail is important for creating a perfect and implacable space design. So are the chairs.

It is very important to remember that this thing must serve for maximal relaxation and be convenient and cozy. But from the other side, it must be a part of a room’s harmony and the general style of a premise.

Here are few the most trendy kinds of chairs nowadays:

  • Midcentury style chairs. This kind of furniture is an essential part of neo-classical and eclecticall interiors. They are usually covered with high quality upholstery, made of natural textiles or velvet. You can choose the models with button tufting, which gives a special chick to the furniture.
  • Plastic chairs. Designers love to work with this material as it is obedient and tractable. It allows them to embody their most unusual ideas and fantasies. Transparent plastic furniture is the real mainstream nowadays.
  • Wooden-metal chairs. Would match loft designed rooms perfectly. You can also choose the telescopic stools, which are multipurpose and can be used for different surfaces.
  • Rattan chairs. This king of furniture becomes more and more popular due to its elegant natural looking and refinement. It is no longer the furniture for garden and patio – they won a honorable positions inside of houses in the most fancy and sophisticated interiors.
  • Acapulco chair. This light and lace-looking element of design can become the centerpiece of any place. Can be made of different materials and used both in- and out-doors.
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