Find Your Ideal Variant of Kitchen Cabinet Soffit Which Will Never Go Out of Style

Ideal Variant of Kitchen Cabinet

This is not the first time that kitchen soffit ideas have been talked about. But everywhere you can find your own specifications and features.

The most common lighting option, which is often chosen by owners of small-sized kitchens, is one pendant lamp with a large shade or shade. A popular alternative is a small chandelier with 2-3 arms or shades.

It would seem that this option is quite capable of illuminating a small space well enough. But in reality, such lighting turns out to be very inconvenient. Especially if there is no local working light in the working area of ​​the kitchen unit. Often, such a lamp only illuminates the center of the kitchen, while the most important areas remain in the shade.

Even in the smallest kitchen, you should definitely use multiple light sources. The main thing is to do it right.

General Tips for Lighting in the Kitchen

General Tips for Lighting in the Kitchen

Let's start with the main thing: when to plan the lighting?

Best of all - at the time of renovation. This is how you will be able to save yourself from the additional chastening of walls and ceilings, as well as from regrets about insufficiently comfortable light.

The most important thing is the location (wire outlet) and the presence of switches. And with the type of lamp, lamp power, and lampshade design, you can decide much later. Including when the repair has already been completed.

How to make a lighting scheme with kitchen soffit ideas if you are not a designer and do not professionally renovate?

This is, of course, more complicated than the partition plan. But a simplified version is better than its complete absence. But the nuances (the ability to do what you want and the price of the issue) are highly desirable to discuss in detail with your electrician.

Kitchen Soffit Decor Ideas

Kitchen Soffit Decor Ideas

Before planning your kitchen soffit decorating ideas, ask yourself the question: What is your kitchen for besides cooking? Quick coffee, leisurely lunches and dinners, meeting friends - or all together? The more zones in your kitchen, the more light, and kitchen soffit solutions there should be. Ideal - general lighting + as many additional lights and kitchen soffit makeover as needed.

General (Overhead) Lighting

In the kitchen, it is very important to provide a uniform "background" ceiling light or soffit above kitchen cabinets. And it is better if such lamps are distributed throughout the kitchen. For general (background) lighting, one 40-60 W luminaire per square meter is recommended. However, there may be more of them if the ceiling is very high.

Local (Local) Lighting

Even the smallest kitchen bulkhead requires local lighting. And the more different zones there are, the more lamps there should be. Moreover, their power can be much less than if only general (ceiling) lighting were used. And less energy will be spent if the light is turned on only where it is needed.

Decorative Light

Who said that lighting should only be practical? Decorative (accent) light or kitchen soffit painting ideas are ideal if you want to rid the kitchen of a purely utilitarian look.

The light flux is usually minimal, but a spectacular and fashionable look is guaranteed. The bottom and top of cabinets can have shelves in the sideboard - you can choose either a neutral shade of light or a color one. LEDs do the best for this.

The Lighting of the Working Area of the Kitchen

The main part of the kitchen and the place where the need for comfortable light can be equated with the lighting of the desktop. Divide as many sections as possible. The larger the size of the kitchen, the more room for variations in lighting the working area.

  • Pay special attention to the work surface. The cooking area must be ideally lit - this is not so much aesthetics as a safety requirement.
  • The second level of the ceiling or cornice. If there is no free space on the wall, but there is (or is planned) a second level of the ceiling, install kitchen soffits crown molding in it.
  • Cooker hood with built-in lights. Another light option for convenient cooking. Hood lamps do not use a lot of energy, but they are powerful enough to illuminate both the stove and the small area around it.
  • The light is near the sink. This technique is not often used, but the hostess is provided with additional comfort. If you decide to make such lighting, be sure to make sure that the lamps are well protected by shades.
  • Light under open shelves. As a rule, these are not cheap design solutions to fill in space above kitchen cabinets. And if you want to save money, install LEDs under the shelves, similar to those you see in the section "LEDs for cabinets".

Kitchen Cabinets and Lighting

Kitchen Cabinets and Lighting

Spotlights (Halogens) Under the Cabinets

Here we are talking about furniture spotlights for the kitchen cabinet soffit. There is a common misconception that they will cope with the role of "work lighting". Far from it.

Judge for yourself: the depth of hanging cabinets is usually about 30 cm, the lamps are located in the middle (i.e., about 18-20 cm from the wall). The depth of the countertop is 60-65 cm. The light stream is directed downward and is slightly diffused. Now count: what part of the countertop will remain unlit? More than 2/3, moreover, from the side where you need it.

Do they even make sense? Of course, they are great for other purposes:

  1. At night and evening "orientation" lighting (when there is no need to turn on the overhead light or work);
  2. cozy lighting for preparing simple food and drinks;
  3. right space between kitchen cabinets and ceiling;
  4. a comfortable light option for those who "wake up" only at breakfast, but rather early (when it is still dark outside or just dawn).

LEDs - for the Cooking Zone

Modern professional chefs are convinced that not only the abundance of light is important when preparing food, but also its correct "color temperature". Simply put, adding a second row of upper cabinets should not distort the colors of the products.

If you consider yourself a gourmet, while treating cooking as an art, the best option for you is LED lamps with a high color rendering index.

They are usually mounted under cabinets. And these lamps will successfully replace other types of "work" lighting above the tabletop.

Interior Lighting for Kitchen Cabinets

How to finish the top of kitchen cabinets? Hard-to-reach areas need lighting no less, if not more. In addition, you will not need to turn on the overhead light, just a couple of small bulbs that will light up when you open the door (special sensor).

The ideal luminaire for the interior of the cabinet is small, 10 - 20 W. If the cabinet is high or the distance between the shelves is large adding kitchen cabinets above existing cabinets, you can choose furniture lamps with halogen lamps. If the cabinet is small or there are glass shelves, choose surface-mounted spotlights with LEDs. The third option (rather rare) is thin fluorescent tubes.

Illumination In Drawers

Also very convenient. Miniature lamps are mounted on the walls of the box and when opened, they turn on automatically - using a motion sensor. Such lamps are durable, consume little energy, which makes them an indispensable assistant for the hostess.

Mini Spotlights Over Cabinets

What to do with the soffit above kitchen cabinets? Ideal if you have a lot of cabinets with blind (not glazed) doors. These spotlights (enclose space above kitchen cabinets) mount on the top cornice and illuminate the interior of the cabinets well when you open them.

We believe that now you know what is a soffit in a kitchen. As a rule, these are "spotlights" - lamps with a narrow stream of light directed to the selected area. They usually have a conical shade (metal or glass) and can be rotated in different directions. This makes them especially convenient for the kitchen, allowing you to illuminate the desired area.

Usually used for general (overhead) lighting. What to do with soffits in a kitchen? The most convenient - a module of several spotlights on a single base ("ceiling rail"). The lamps can be turned in different directions (the kitchen is illuminated more evenly), but the electrical outlet is one (economical in terms of electrical costs).

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