Kid Room Ideas That Your Child Will Love

Every kid is obsessed with their bedroom. It is the only place in the world that is truly theirs and it is important to make it feel like a safe and creative space for your child. It is where they grow up and it should feel meaningful and reflect who they are. These cool room ideas are guaranteed to make any kid happy!

Where Do I Begin?

Start by choosing a color scheme or theme to go off of using these children’s room ideas!

Colour Palette

children bedroom decorations

For a child’s bedroom the brighter the better. Go for bold colors. Blue, pink, yellow, green, purple, red, and any other wild ones you can think of. After choosing a few solid colors complement them by incorporating neutrals.


  • Stripes
  • Dots
  • Dinosaurs
  • Trucks
  • Stars
  • Outer space
  • Hearts
  • Clouds
  • Leaves or plants
  • Abstract prints

Possible Themes

kids bedroom ideas for small rooms
  • In the Sky (clouds, blue tones, light, pastels)
  • Astronaut (outer space, stars planets)
  • Prince or princess
  • Abstract (cool prints, bold color blocks, and patterns)
  • Safari (Animal print, stuffed animals, bright colors, vines, or leaf patterns)
  • Nature (Trees, birds, plants, natural colors)
  • Vintage Cool (eclectic pieces and wood)
  • Toy Story (inspired by video games and movies)

Other Quick Tips

  • Baby Proof if the child is young(no sharp corners, secure bed, no little objects they can swallow)
  • Avoid using too much white decor or furniture: kids can be messy.
  • Incorporate pops of color
  • Less is more
  • Have lots of creative tasks available
  • Paint the walls neutral to reduce future work as they grow up
  • Use warm lighting and a night light if they prefer
  • Make sure the bed has a railing

Toddler Room Ideas

toddler girl bedroom ideas

Toddler Rooms can be a ton of fun, but also tedious. While they must be adorable and full of activities, they must also be safe. They call it the terrible twos for good reason. Here are some awesome small kids' bedroom ideas that will make you the coolest and smartest parent around!

Toddler Boy Room Ideas

Your son’s room should be full of fun and creativity! Go for bright colors and playful accents. Choose a bed that is small and low to the floor. You can even get beds in cool shapes like cars! At this age, less is more, so keep your theme concise without too much clutter. Make sure his room is filled with books, trucks, dolls, sports balls, or anything he enjoys. That way he can have fun in his room and learn something too!

Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas

Boy and girls’ rooms aren’t too different after all. Keep it fun and playful just as we said above. Play around with fun patterned bedding or even a creatively shaped bed frame. Add some cozy floor pillows that will make playtime safe and cozy. Incorporate cute stuffed animals and pretty books where you can. Fill up the walls with beautiful art and dedicate a corner to dress up and art.

Kid Room Ideas

As your child gets older, their room should grow with them. Your kid's room decor should specifically reflect your child. Ask them what their interests are, their favorite colors, and how they want their room to feel. This is the best way to create a space they’ll love. You can get more creative with these kid's bedroom ideas!


kids room decor

The furniture in your kids’ room is the most important element. Choosing the right bed, dresser or desk is essential. Choose items that are safe and complement the space. If your child's room is on the smaller side, go for pieces that tuck tightly to the wall and have maximum storage. It is important that your child still has floor space to move and play. If their room is bigger you can opt for bigger furniture. Overall, kids' room furniture should feel fun and light! A bright colored accent chair or toy trunk will look great. If they need a desk, choose one that can handle wear and tear. Kids are messy.

Bunk Beds

This option is one of the best kid’s bedroom ideas for small rooms. They work great for two small kids that must share a bedroom. Bunk beds allow them both to feel like they have their own space while also maximizing floor space for playing and other activities. This also works great for an only child. You can use the space below the bed for a desk or more play space. Make sure to install the bunk bed properly and opt for a bed with railings to prevent them from rolling off through the night and possibly hurting themselves. Your kids are going to love these!


toddler boy room ideas

Children's bedroom decorations should feel fun and playful! Some great options include hanging photos of your family, their favorite poster or a sign with their name on it. You can also fill their shelves with cool gadgets or an interesting clock. Cover their bed with cool pillows. You can find pillows in cool shapes like stars or animals. Also, consider adding a funky rug to make space extra cozy. Books are great for the brain and can also make great decor if stacked neatly. You could also add a map as a great learning tool and a decorative element. Overall, kids' bedroom decor should look cute but also be functional!


Toys sure do make a mess but they can also be decorative. Encourage your child to display their favorite action figures or stuffed animals nicely on their shelves or desk. The rest of their toys should be stored in a bucket they can easily access when playtime is over. Emphasize the importance of keeping their belongings tidy, it will serve them well.


Kids love to paint! Painting gives little ones the creative freedom to express themselves in ways that words can’t. It’s also super fun! Some kids bedroom painting ideas include DIY’s that you and your child can spend quality time creating together.

First, find some mess proof of space and clothing. Get some plain white paper or canvases and create some abstract art together! Choose a color palette that will go well with the bedroom and let their imagination run wild. You can use splatters, shapes, and lines or paint something of other sentimental value. If you’re feeling bold you can even paint onto the wall directly creating a mural or try getting your child to paint their hands and create prints on the wall. This personal touch is for the modern kid's room!

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