Karl Lagerfeld Showed His New Parisian Apartment in an Ultra Avant-Garde Style

Karl Lagerfeld home

Karl Lagerfeld has designed his new Parisian apartment in an ultra avant-garde style. His home on the Voltaire seafront is an example of how an artist's studio should look in the 21st century. “It's equally good to relax and work here,” says Lagerfeld of his Paris apartment.

It took him two and a half years to create the interior of his dreams, where light, glass, and metal would be combined on an area of ​​350 m². The model's apartment is located in an old, almost crumbling building from 1820 on the right coast of the Seine, and the modern interior clearly contrasts with the exterior of the house. Initially, the apartment had eight rooms, then it was decided to destroy the barriers between them. This is how a huge futuristically designed hall appeared.

Karl Lagerfeld Paris

The walls are lined with tall frosted glass doors. Behind them are long rows of the library: many books are a characteristic feature of all the places where Lagerfeld lives. The apartment is flooded with natural light. This was one of the requirements for organizing space. The reason is very simple. “I need daylight when I paint,” says Lagerfeld.

Karl Lagerfeld apartment 2021

The ascetic furniture in white, gray, and steel colors, which the apartments are entirely filled with, is designed by Martin Szekely and Jean-Marie Massaud to Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby from Barber Osgerby.

Things were selected in the most careful way, they were either found in galleries or made to order. "I had only one free table to work with. However, this is what I am doing here - no one especially comes here." The apartments are equipped with a state-of-the-art security system and soundproofed walls. Getting inside is more difficult than Fort Knox. After all, this studio was originally conceived specifically for work, and not for receiving guests.

Karl Lagerfeld Parisian apartment

The only one to whom everything is allowed here is the cat Choupette, the owner's favorite. She walks freely wherever she pleases. This, by the way, is the only deviation from the ultra-modern style. “I love the contrast between the 'hospital' austerity of the interior and the softness and layering of textiles,” explains the designer.

Lagerfeld spends most of his working time in his apartment. “My entire life cycle is concentrated in it, like other people: home – metro – work. Excluding the metro, of course. ” Lagerfeld creates here day and night, sometimes without even getting out of bed. The work uniform is a loose white shirt stained with paint. “I have a dirty job,” he says.

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