Where Does Jennifer Lawrence Live? Tour of the House and Interior Design of the Famous Actress

American film and television actress Jennifer Lawrence lives in Los Angeles, and the villa, designed by a French architect, cost her just over $8 million. It is a five-bedroom, seven-bathroom mansion in Beverly Hills. The previous owner of this property was Jessica

Simpson, who bought it in 2005 for $5.28 million and sold it in 2013 for $6.4 million, also earning money from the sale. The Jennifer Lawrence house has a good story. Before Simpson, this home was owned by Paul Hogan, Tom and Katie Freston, TV star Ellen DeGeneres and Rick Yorn.

The interior of the gorgeous house is made mainly in white, milky, cream colors. Five bedrooms, a swimming pool, a garden, a gym - a cozy stay in such a mansion is guaranteed.So where does Jennifer Lawrence live? Now we will tell you what a luxurious house looks like and describe the interior.

Home Interior

Interior Design of the Famous Actress

Front Entrance

The front entrance of the Jennifer Lawrence mansion greets huge flowerpots with wonderful blooming flowers, the door is made in white and blue.


A white staircase leads from the corridor to the second floor, next to which a table with a vase and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers is appropriately placed.


The main feature of Jennifer Lawrence new house is the atmosphere. He is buried in greenery. The stone courtyard looks like it's from a dream. The rear façade is partially engulfed in weaving ivy. The beautiful area is decorated in a Mediterranean style: it is ornamented with stone paths covered with moss, a small fountain set among lush flower beds, and a five-meter swimming pool hidden behind the lush greenery of the garden.

Living Room

A spacious and comfortable room with snow-white furniture, dark stripes, and skin on the floor. Special attention is paid to textiles and decorative elements. The decoration is dominated by light beige shades, due to which the room seems even more spacious. The living room doors lead to a terrace surrounded by greenery.


In the bedroom of the hostess of the Jennifer Lawrence residence, a large bed with a soft gray headboard serves as a resting place. The bed is complemented by a soft couch in the same tone. The floor is covered with a warm, creamy carpet. An additional seating area has been created in this room, with an exit to the balcony.


The heart of the Jennifer Lawrence house is the Provence-style kitchen. This style is called "French country", that is, it is a "rustic" interior with a French accent. This is a light, cute, slightly sentimental, and cozy interior with the spirit of a French village. There is a table in the middle of the room that emphasizes the importance of this room to its inhabitants. The furniture combines many comfortable cabinets, drawers, shelves. The floor is covered with large tiles in light brown shades.

Dinner Zone

Large curtains, a huge light-colored chandelier decorate the room and add more light. Vintage furniture, forged elements - in lamps, candlesticks, a lot of decors: figurines, all this is a pronounced Provence style, which is present everywhere in the actress's house. In the middle of the room is an oval table that can accommodate six people. All this creates an atmosphere of warmth conducive to confidential conversations.

We believe that the House of Jennifer Lawrence, despite the stellar status of its owner, is decorated quite simply, perhaps that is why the estate is perceived as something mundane, cozy and comfortable. Such a wonderful house with a pleasant, stylish interior design simply cannot leave a negative impression on you. It convinces you that the actress clearly has great taste!

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