Japanese Home Decor 101: Ideas You Will Love

japanese minimalist interior design

This aesthetic is known for bringing minimal and natural designs to life. Japanese Home Decor prioritizes comfort within contemporary visions. It is complete with clean lines and beautiful pieces. The bright, open approach of Japanese style decorating blends form and function effortlessly. This homestyle provides everything you could ever want in a space. It will embody relaxation and give you a sense of peace you deserve. Here are some info and inspiration!

What Is the Japanese Minimalist Interior Design?

Modern Japanese home decor is a combination of both Scandinavian and Japanese elements. It is described as clean, natural, minimal, simple, rustic, functional, and artful. This homestyle makes sense both logically and visually. These spaces are usually bright and open concepts.

What Are the Key Design Elements?

The incorporation of these key elements is integral in Japanese style decor.

Neutral Tones

This element is number one in Japanese interior decoration. Muted colors radiate calm energy and create a sense of flow in a space. Stick to beiges, pastels, whites, and greys. White walls are very common in a Japan-style living room. White creates wider dimensions and serves as the perfect blank canvas. Carry this white paint through your entire home to embody this homestyle well. You should also opt for neutral furniture.


Homemade and high-quality items are a staple in Japan style home decoration. Research local artists that will create well crafted contemporary pieces. This will make your interior more niche and personal. Unique pieces are key!

Natural Light

If you have windows, leave them uncovered so they can shine freely. Natural light will highlight your interior in all the right ways. This is an important element. Compliment natural light with a beautiful overhead fixture. One that makes a statement like an overhead chandelier.

Plant Life

japan style home decoration

Plants serve as great decor now more than ever. Adding plants to your design will carry natural ideas throughout the space. A few plants will do the trick, try not to overdo it. Place them strategically hanging above or in a designated corner.


You must aim to keep it simple while Japanese interior decorating. Clutter will ruin the whole aesthetic. Consider what elements are essential and which ones are not serving you. This is especially important in a Japanese style living room. Declutter coffee tables and shelves. Clear the floor of unnecessary items. Hide wires and leave space on walls. The lesser the better.


Wood makes for natural and clean looking lines. Incorporate this element into your design for a natural element. Live edge tables and wood floors create a stunning effect. Wood will contribute to the open flowing energy you desire in your home.

Marie Kondo

This icon is a master of Japanese style home decor and minimalism. She uses her signature KonMari method to organize homes. Stripping down space to the most essential elements is an important part of her method. Her designs are simple, yet well-curated. You can look to her guidance when you are interior decorating your home. Check out her Netflix special, books, and website!

Japanese Interior Design Ideas

Japanese Living Room Design

Your living room should appear open and bright. High ceilings are ideal if possible and walls should be white. Choose furniture that is simple with clean lines. A minimal glass coffee table with a gold frame is a stunning item. A large oriental rug with texture should also be used. For couches, consider a long light leather couch that sits low to the floor. Low furniture will give your living room far more length from floor to ceiling. Complete your room with a few colored or metallic accents.

Japanese Style Bedroom Decor

Your japan inspired bedroom should be minimal and chic. Choose a low bed with neutral covers. Only use a few accent pillows. Add a modern lamp in the corner. Paint the bedroom white and hang a few abstract art pieces on each wall. Top it off with a modern desk area or accent chair. Your room will be a peaceful oasis!

Japanese Kitchen Inspo

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is a place where memories and food are shared. Bring Japanese design to your kitchen through a combination of light wood and stainless steel. Go for wooden counters and cabinets with stainless steel accents. These accents can be found in the sink, fridge, and other appliances. Complete the kitchen with some green plants and soft lighting.

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