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Japanese dwellings are small in size, due to the culture and history of the people. It was in Japan that minimalism was born, because in conditions of constraint, people learned to get along with little. The japanese bathrooms have also been furnished in a minimalist style. Instead of the familiar full-length bathtubs, they used wooden barrels or special wooden containers that were built into the floor.

Japanese design helps transform the bathroom into a real kingdom of simplicity of shapes and lines, harmony of color. Japanese style bathrooms attract with its elegance and functionality, original solutions to standard tasks.

You can create a classic Japanese bathroom, or you can simply add some japanese bathroom design for the room - everything will depend on your desire and the size of the room.

Japanese Bathroom Layout

The Japanese rarely find a combined bathroom in an apartment. The classic japan bathroom design is separate from the toilet. When planning asian inspired bathroom in your own home, come up with a way to separate the two rooms, perhaps with a symbolic partition or screen. Sharing the bathroom is associated with the culture of hygiene that prevails in Japan. Here, taking a bath is a whole art that has been created over the course of a century.

Types of Japanese Baths

japanese bathroom design

Today, there are two main types of baths in Japan: furako and ofuro.

They differ in form and purpose. A separate item is the traditional wooden asian bathtub, which is essentially a type of ofuro.


Many people know that in Japan bathtubs were made of wood. This tradition appeared in ancient times and is still relevant today. The bathtub can be round, square, rectangular or oval.

Furako is a large barrel in which it is customary to swim in hot water. Furako in its original form is used in baths and hot tubs. It can be installed in private houses, cottages, summer cottages. In an apartment, Furaco is unlikely to look organic due to its size and features of water heating.


Today, the term ofuro refers to any bathtub in the asian bathroom design or something close to it. Initially, ofuro meant a wooden bathtub built into the floor, into which they were immersed up to their shoulders. Today, ofuro is made not only from wood, but also from other materials, including modern, technological ones. The only feature that has survived to this day is that the bath has a square shape, less often it is rectangular, in contrast to furaco, which is made in a round or oval shape.

You can easily find a suitable modern japanese bathroom to install in an apartment or private house. This term refers to any rounded, streamlined high bath or low square, which is installed on the podium.

Classic Japanese Baths

If the room for the bathroom is large enough, the equipment of a traditional japanese bathroom design will be an excellent solution. The basis of the japanese style bathroom design is minimalism, which is expressed in the furnishings with only those pieces of furniture, plumbing and decor that are really needed.

Such an item among oriental bathroom ideas will be a wooden Japanese bathtub made of hinoki wood, which has the following advantages over other species:

  • Antibacterial properties.
  • Resistant to decay.
  • Mold resistance.
  • Eliminates the appearance of insects.

Alternatively, you can use cedar - similar properties are complemented by a wonderful aroma.

An asian style bathroom should be divided into zones:

  1. Place for ofuro.
  2. A place for a shower.
  3. Dressing room.

Japanese Bathroom Design

japan bathroom design

The main feature that distinguishes the eastern interior from the western is minimalism, which does not look cold and uninhabited here, but, on the contrary, seems warm and cozy. The secret is not so much in the layout as in the choice of design materials. The asian bathroom ideas use natural stone, wood, bamboo to achieve a feeling of warmth and unity with nature.

Design Features:

  • laconic lines;
  • predominance of geometric shapes;
  • lack of pretentiousness, decorative elements;
  • daylight;
  • the use of natural materials;
  • warm colors.

Japanese Bathroom Decor

Any of the constituent asian bathroom decor elements matters when creating a composition. In the Japanese style, to achieve harmony, various calm tones are used that are pleasing to the eye and create balance.

These can be the following colors:

  • beige;
  • sand;
  • brown;
  • lactic;
  • pearl.

It is also possible to add green or red in the form of accents.

A japanese themed bathroom should have simple lines and shapes, and a neutral color scheme. Modern apartments, as a rule, have small bathrooms, but if you have the desire and imagination, it will not be difficult to decorate the room beautifully and stylishly.

One of the most practical options for finishing japanese inspired bathroom floors and walls in bathrooms is ceramic tiles. A wall styled with natural materials - straw, bamboo or wood - will look very impressive.

There are entire collections where color options for Japanese-style decoration are presented, in addition, the tiles have different textures and sizes. An asian themed bathroom will have a spectacular look thanks to a set of different colors and shades, and this will allow you to customize the interior in accordance with your taste.

Details that can be used instead of tiles:

  • panels;
  • decors;
  • curbs.

Decor elements are best made from natural or stylized natural materials. For example, such a feeling is created by a tile imitating linen or silk fabric, a three-dimensional weave fabric.

Walls can be decorated with paintings in accordance with the traditions of Japanese art schools - calligraphic hieroglyphs, bamboo patterns.

Minimalism - the main rule in asian themed bathroom ideas and creating a Japanese interior - should not be forgotten in any case.

Bathroom Plumbing in Japanese Style

The following plumbing elements will help to make the interior of your japanese bathroom design small space functional and harmonious:

  • elegant streamlined water lily shells (always in white japanese shower room design, without reliefs and patterns);
  • stationary shower heads in an open shower;
  • mixers - with a light ceramic body or white metal.
  • In the interiors of the japanese small bathroom design, built-in square sinks and faucets with an open spout are also common.

The most important thing in this case is to choose not only aesthetic and appropriate design-projects, but also equipment that is comfortable to use: nothing should disturb the serenity of your water procedures.

Japanese-Style Bathroom Details

asian inspired bathroom

Asian themed bathroom decor details and accessories can be:

  • soap dishes;
  • hooks for towels;
  • sink;
  • shower;
  • mixer;
  • heated towel rail.

Details made in bronze look more stylish.

Japanese-style bathrooms are preferable to equip with closed-type furniture, where you can put toiletries and small things, because small details in Japanese design will not look the best.

A niche in the wall, which will be decorated with a statuette, a well-chosen vase, an ikebana or a composition of natural stones, can become a beautiful and practical element of the interior.

Calmness, serenity and quiet reflection - the Japanese style has such a pleasant pastime. The Japanese-style bathroom will become a cozy corner where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and please the eye with a harmonious balance of color and style.

Organization of Lighting

The general principle is simple: lighting should be diffused, soft, calm and warm. In the photos suggested in the article, the Japanese-style bathroom is lit in different ways:

  • The zoning principle is respected, each sector of the bathroom requires its own lighting.
  • It is good if natural light enters the bathroom through the window. In this case, the window is closed with blinds from immodest eyes.
  • Spotlights are used to fully illuminate a room, however trendy chrome designs or spots should be avoided by choosing neutral ones or with wooden edging.
  • In the Japanese bathroom, the presence of a central lamp is possible, the plafond is made in the form of a kerosene lamp, a Japanese paper lantern, and candles. Designer lighting fixtures that support the style look interesting.


asian bathroom design

The laconic Japanese style and Japanese bathroom ideas require the presence of a minimum of things in the bathroom. However, there are items that are difficult to do without:

  • bench, chair or curbstone;
  • wardrobe or rack;
  • shelves;
  • holders for towels;
  • mirror

Furniture products will easily fit into the style if they are made of natural wood or high-quality imitation under it. The main color of the furniture is dark, black or brown. Facades - no decor, straight geometric shapes.

In Japanese tradition, it is customary to keep the towels rolled in rolls on open wide shelves. However, the presence of a variety of detergents and cosmetics on the shelves will harm the interior style, so it is advisable to put a closed cabinet where you can keep bright tubes and bottles.
In any case, when creating Japanese modern bathroom, be inspired by the ideas of nature around: the beauty of the land, forests, rocks, sand, stones, sea and fields. And you will be able to create a dream bathroom.

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