Italian Style Furniture That Will Become a Great Addition to the Interior of Your Home

Italian Style Furniture

It is not for nothing that Italy is considered a trendsetter in the furniture market. An unusual combination of classic traditions, the richness of design inherent in Mediterranean styles, and modern technology determines the elegance and sophistication of solutions. Italian living room furniture combines practicality, comfort, and amazing beauty.

This fully applies to furniture made in both modern and classic styles. The exceptional variety of decor and materials used allows you to furnish any living room in any home.

A Bit of History

Back in the Renaissance, craftsmen from small towns in Italy began to manufacture furniture, which won the general love of buyers. It all started with small workshops, where several people worked from small family factories. They were able to achieve high results and turn, over time, small-scale production into huge enterprises with a worldwide reputation.

The most expensive fabric was used to decorate upholstered Italian-style furniture.

Many representatives of the wealthy nobility considered it necessary to have interior items of Italian masters in their homes. It was believed that furniture should be made only of wood with a monochromatic surface, stained with varnish.

The Advantages of Italian Furniture

Italian living room is the standard of luxury, grace, and comfort. Each of the manufacturers embodies the richest furniture traditions of the country in a slightly different way. But all together they create furniture so perfect that it is worth talking not about furniture made in Italy, but about Italian style in furniture.

The Advantages of This Solution

The Advantages of This Solution
  • Italian furniture factories combine industrial processing with manual labor. Decorative carving, patina, painting is almost always done by hand and ensures the uniqueness of each model;
  • here only natural wood is used, as a rule, expensive beautiful species. The wood is dried according to traditional methods; acceleration of the process is not allowed. Such a tree is distinguished by its high strength and durability;
  • Italian furniture for the living room and in a modern style looks no less luxurious. This is one of the unique features of Italian furniture makers: to combine laconic techno or futurism with exquisite details;
  • for upholstery of upholstered furniture, high-quality finishing fabric, genuine leather, high-quality textiles are used. Imitation is very rarely used;
  • comfort is an indispensable quality of a piece of luxurious living room furniture. The configuration of the product for any finish and shape is selected such that any chair, armchair, sofa becomes unusually comfortable;
  • an exceptional variety of styles and concepts is another important advantage of the products of Italian companies.

The disadvantages of the Italian Living Room Sets include only the high cost. But given the amazing beauty and quality of the products, it is fully justified.

Soft Furniture

The upholstered Italian living room furniture - the ideal of comfort and convenience.

This effect is created due to many factors:

  • The vast majority of models - sofas, armchairs, soft poufs, include a minimum of hard parts.The backs are as comfortable as the seats, the armrests are upholstered in fabric, and the sofas are filled with soft pillows;
  • In the Italian living room, sofas or at least couches are preferred to all other types of furniture.There may be no chairs or armchairs around the table or near the fireplace, but several sofas will be required;
  • The configuration and size of sofas are not limited. In a spacious modern Italian living room, a polygonal model up to 5 meters long is combined with 2-3 smaller items, creating several comfortable zones for different purposes.
  • Both in the modern Italian style living room and in classics, a combination of models in different designs is allowed. For example, in one, you can place a soft, typically modern armchair and a product with curly legs and arms. The main thing, in this case, is to observe the commonality of the decor and the color scheme;
  • Another advantage is the bright and even colorful design. Designers never limit themselves to so-called practical solutions or dark, wood-like tones. On the contrary, among the abundance of classic Italian style living room furniture, upholstered furniture - sofas and armchairs, are the most striking elements of the interior.

Walls and Slides

Italian living room furniture sets in a modern style are assembled in a modular manner. This is not a one-piece furniture complex, but a set of pieces of furniture that can form a whole or be used independently.

The uniqueness of the products of Italian companies is in the design of items:

  • Italian walls for the living room in the classic style involve the use of carving. Plant patterns of amazing beauty in combination with elements of Greek ornament decorate slides, sideboards, and sideboards;
  • Deaf sections are simply missing. High-quality wood is combined with the maximum amount of glass and mirrors; an Italian slide for a living room, even in a high-tech style, does not involve the use of metal and plastic. Only wood and glass are worthy materials for an Italian living room;
  • Modern Italian living room furniture walls always have unusual shapes. In the classic concept, curved fronts and carved ornaments on the sash embody the old traditions. In modern models, the unusual shape of sideboards, slides and cabinets attracts.

Tables, Chairs and Armchairs

Tables, Chairs and Armchairs

No less important for the hall is the traditional Italian living room sets - table, chairs, armchairs, and here Italians remain trendsetters:

  • Italian style sofa sets and chairs for the living room are as much a masterpiece of design ideas as an exquisite sideboard or a magnificent sofa. In the vast majority of cases, these are soft models, with armrests and high softbacks. In terms of comfort, such chairs are in no way inferior to an armchair;
  • the design uniquely combines an unusual shape inherent in the Baroque and Renaissance, with details characteristic of modernity, for example, asymmetric decoration;
  • armchairs and chairs in the Italian living rooms of the classic can be called only in one word - royal. Such models are distinguished by high backrests that allow you to learn not only with your back but also with your shoulders and head, comfortable armrests, wide seats that allow you to take any comfortable posture; the table in the Italian living room is the center of the furniture composition. Of the cabinet furniture, this piece is the most decorative. Both the coffee table and the large dining room are distinguished by the most exquisite décor.
  • The combination of wood and glass is luxury Italian living room furniture and is very popular in the design of both classic and modern models. This combination is almost the hallmark of the Italian dining group.

Selection Tips

Choose furniture in accordance with the Italian living room design and to your liking. It should be taken into account right away that it is the furniture that is the basis of the interior. The decoration of the walls and ceiling changes more often than furniture, and therefore it is the color and configuration of the sideboard, showcase, table, and sofa that will be the determining factors and not vice versa.

How Do You Choose the Best Solution?

baroque renaissance in the Italian incarnation monochromatic
  • Both the classics, and the baroque, and the renaissance in the Italian incarnation imply monochromatic walls. Accordingly, elegant Italian furniture in a living room, both in a modern style and in a classic style, is decorated very brightly, almost pretentiously, since it is the table, sofa, and wardrobe in the room that determines the interior.
  • Expensive and beautiful varieties of wood are used for cabinet furniture and dining groups. Such wood has a bright color and a noticeable, pronounced pattern. The shade is chosen based on the location of the living room: cold tones for the hall on the south side and warm ones for the north.
  • A universal solution is a white living room. This color allows you to use the richest carvings and unusual shapes for decoration. In addition, the white color matches any wall decoration.
  • The color scheme of the Italian living room decor is never limited to 3 contrasting shades. Accordingly, the decoration of sofas, chairs, armchairs should include the colors used when decorating walls, ceilings, windows.
  • The abundance of greenery and houseplants is a typical feature of the Mediterranean concept. Upholstered furniture is often complemented by a pair of armchairs and chairs with green upholstery, which matches the shade of the room green.

We are confident that delightful Italy is a place where centuries-old traditions of production and the discovery of new styles are brought together. And the classic Italian furniture living room, which is made by local craftsmen, deserves special attention.

Grace in various styles is inherent in these products. Solid and high-quality products will be able to decorate any interior, emphasizing the status of the owner, his financial position.

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