Aesthetically Pleasing Room Decor In 2021 Is Definitely an Indie Style Room

Aesthetically Pleasing Room Decor In 2021

What does indie style mean? Indie literally means "independent" and has a history dating back to the 70s, but is most often associated with the 90s.

The main feature of the indie style in interior design is self-expression. This means that indie reflects your own "independent style" and does not fit into any well-defined category of decor.

With such a vague definition, you might think that creating an indie style interior can be quite a challenge.

So how do you successfully design your space in an indie style?

Get inspired by the best indie room designs of 2021 and create a delightful space in your home.See more ideas of indie room inspiration on the topic of aesthetically pleasing indie apartment decor.The style allows you to stay creative as well as express your imagination freely.

How to Create an Indie Style Interior?

How to Create an Indie Style Interior

How to make your room indie? Before following the steps below, you need to understand the basic principles of indie design, which are as follows:

  • Indie is a design approach, not a style.
  • Indie decoration is an approach rather than a style that is based on personality rather than rules.
  • Style is about giving the space the personality of the owner.
  • There are no set rules here – unlike traditional styles. Whereas in the case of conventional style, there are always certain rules on how to do something, but here it's up to the creator himself.

That's why it's an approach for everyone, not for interior designers to create something very personal. Indie design is best for individual rooms – not entire living spaces

You can't create the interior of an entire home in an indie style because you'll end up with a series of interesting rooms, not something coherent.

Decor is key – focus on colors, textures, patterns and details.

Indie room inspiration is not so much about finishing as it is about decorating, using different details, colors, textures and patterns to achieve a certain feeling and atmosphere.

So even in our examples, we're not going to emphasize trim, but show how to make the best use of indie things for your room.

Indie Room Decor DIY

The whole idea of interior design in indie room art is based on "do-it-yourself" rather than just buying items off the shelf and installing them in an indie style room.

Creativity, improvisation, experimentation and creativity are your best tools for creating a fantastic indie interior.

When choosing a particular style, most interior designers adhere to the concept of following stylistic rules rather than personal taste, and that's generally a good way to go.

But for indies, style is your taste.

Even though the very spirit of indie desk decor is about breaking the rules, you still need to follow the basic principles of interior design to create a stylish look rather than a chaotic mess.

9 Steps and Principles to Create Your Own Unique Indie Room Theme

Create Your Own Unique Indie Room Theme

Choosing Your Taste

The first step to successful indie style decorating is to clearly define your taste by deciding what aspects of your personality, style and interests you want to express to create an independent style.

For example, if you value nature and serenity, you may decide to create a "natural" indie style look that focuses on an earthy palette, natural materials (wood, wicker, natural textures, etc.).

Accent Wallpaper

Accent Wallpaper

Use wallpaper to create an accent wall.

Not an indie dorm room can be pretty bland and monotonous, so you need to bring something vibrant to it.

The easiest way to do that is to use wallpaper. But don't forget to keep the DIY concept, so only put wallpaper on one wall, the one with the smallest area.

If you want to go even further, you can paint the indie room wall and create a large piece of wall art. That would be ideal, but you can also stick to simple solutions.

Clothes Rack Instead of Closet

Clothes Rack Instead of Closet

An open clothes rack shows off your fashion taste. Choose an open clothes rack instead of a closed closet. This way you save space and showcase your fashionable taste by adding detail and interest to the room.

For example, such small touches can easily add charm to your indie bedroom.

Patterned Rugs

Adding a patterned rug or rug can give your room or bedroom the style you want.

For example, a plain plank floor looks boring and dull.

So you can add two patterned rugs – one in front of the bed and one to the side of the bed – although one large rug is usually the best option for most bedrooms if you want to cover the floor completely.

One large rug is ideal. If that's not possible, then one smaller rug, properly placed, would be the next best option. But try two completely different rugs in the same room.

Double-textured Armchairs

It is important to furnish the room, decorate the walls and decorate the ceiling. Let's start by setting up the seating area.

As we said, the clothes rack serves as both storage and decoration, so it is better to use it to create a comfortable place to sit in front of it.

Choose a chair with two textures. It can be a wood texture and a green fabric.

Suspended Lights On the Ceiling

Suspended Lights On the Ceiling

Lighting is an important part of an indie style room. Usually a single light is used, but you can try something different. Instead of a single light source, use pendant lights throughout the ceiling to illuminate it and create a fantastic effect. To make the room even more amazing, use a yellow warm light.

This creates a warm, homely feeling that is soothing and peaceful, relaxing the body at the end of a long day.

This is a solid stylistic choice that resonates with the person who is living in the room.

If you're a fan of huge fairy lights or vintage marquees as your main lighting, hang them on the wall or above the bed. There are so many indie-style options that work for you. And they're sure to grab the attention of your guests.

Create a Photo Wall

Try to find lots of images: they should be the same color and style to create a cohesive installation.

However, different frames can be used for these images.

The indie approach should be more about individuality rather than making everything fit together.

Vinyl Covers On the Wall

Vinyl Covers On the Wall

Above the bed in an indie bedroom ideas, for example, you can do something like this on vinyl covers.

This is a great personal touch and a unique way to approach artwork, bringing to life the do-it-yourself aspect of indie design.

Where to buy indie room decor? You can always order everything you need online.

We can offer you the AESTHETIC ROOM DECOR site as one option.

Plants On the Windowsill

Plants On the Windowsill

Plants on the windowsill complement the indie theme.

This detail ties everything together by introducing a final green element to the interior of the indie living room.

Bedroom Indie Decor Ideas

Bedroom Indie Decor Ideas

For your convenience, we also offer you indie room ideas on how to decorate your cozy indie style bedroom.

Minimalist Design

This is a great example of an indie approach.The bed can only come with a mattress. Everywhere you look, you'll see personal touches from the person who uses that room.

From the plants to the painting, there are little details in every corner of the indie style room 2020.

The real success of this design is that it shows the personality of the person who created it, but without being superfluous. You can find out what their interests are and what they like, which is the ultimate indie goal of creating a room with a vibrant personality.


This example isn't just indie, but rather a combination of white minimalism with indie influences.

There is a clear dominant color here, white, contrasting with the lamps and decorations. The lamps are coordinated with the carpet and wall indie bedroom decor, but they are different in tone.

Indie-style Chaos

Indie-style Chaos

As with the previous option, the plants are arranged around the room, tying everything together. This is very useful in this case of indie room decor ideas where there are several different elements.

The individual touch here is that everything is arranged as if randomly, but at the same time organized.This form of controlled chaos can be a lot of fun.


This is also a great example of an indie approach. There's usually a lot of expressiveness here, and it's done with just a few details.

Improvised Indie Style

At first glance,in indie aesthetic bedroom ideas almost nothing fits together, but it makes sense. The room has a lot of personality, but it is able to be calm and chaotic at the same time.

Now you've met the indie style! Inspired by fun patterns, muted colors and touches of vintage, this style combines your favorite trends into one combination. Decorating any room in the indie style is easier than it looks, and with our tips and ideas, you can make your wildest desires come true in even the smallest room.

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