Important Rules of Minimalism – How to Avoid an Unfinished Interior

minimalist interior design

Minimalism is a style whose name says it all: Minimum details - maximum comfort. Minimalism in interior and industrial design is not just white flat surfaces. By using clean lines and subtracting everything superfluous, minimalism seeks to show the essence of a product or an interior. What techniques can be used to create this style?


minimalist apartment ideas

Simple and textured, often untreated wood, plaster, brick, and concrete are used. And the moderate use of reflective surfaces: glass, mirror, metal is also welcome.


The finishing of the walls and ceiling can be any other, the main principle of laconicism. Glossy surfaces prevail. In general, the finish does not attract the maximum attention, the emphasis is on other interior items.


Most often strict and neutral: black, white, gray, and beige. But separate bright accents of pure tones: green, red, yellow, blue are acceptable. Contrast is possible but not welcome.

Minimalist Interior Decorating

Limited or non-existent. The decoration in minimalism can be vases of strict forms, pillows, live plants, fluffy carpets, paintings in simple frames.


minimalist modern house

You can install everything that is not visible: spotlight, built-in profiles, decorative LED strip lighting, and others. Chandeliers are possible, but in strictly, laconic and modern design (or cubic forms).

The interior is not only furniture but also a way of life. Whatever the room looks unfinished and has its own style, you need to follow some rules.

№1 Functionality

Shortening to the basics is one of the pillars of minimalism stylistics. Functionality - is at the heart of the design.

Deciding to create a minimalistic interior, it is worth starting with the analysis of each room: note what is really necessary, and remove all unnecessary things. The result is an ideal basis for a concise design. The principle - "do more with less" is the cornerstone of a minimalist design strategy.

№2 Form

Simple shapes are another key component in minimalist design. Experts advise: All that has more than four sides, to replace with squares and rectangles. This is especially important in the bedroom, where we need to feel as relaxed as possible.

minimalism style

Ordinary curtains should be replaced by roller blinds, and also make sure that the frame and headboard of the bed are simple in shape (without extravagant patterns). In principle, since the main and most important part of the bed is a mattress, you can do without the headboard.

№3 the Palette

Bright, clean, white - this is how we usually describe the colors that we associate with minimalism. In fact, the color scheme is more important than the real color. Minimalism in color is to stick to two or three shades in the palette. In addition, simple color schemes usually make people feel more comfortable.

№4 Order of Things

The average house is in chaos: books and magazines that we don’t read, clothes that we don’t wear, gifts that we don’t use, unwashed dishes in the sink take their place. But the less cluttered space, the easier it is to clean up and the calmer we feel. Throw away anything you don't need and make sure that there is enough storage space for the rest of your items.

№5 Furniture

Furniture occupies most of the space and strongly influences its perception. In addition, it is the most expensive element of the interior. Choose functional objects, simple shapes, and pure colors to create a space comfortable for the eye and living.

Today minimalism is more of a philosophy, a worldview. Fleeing the accelerating pace of life, modern man seeks to create an uncluttered light space full of calm and harmony. The interior in the style of minimalism copes with this task in an excellent way.

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