IKEA Launched Improved Furniture To Make Your House Smart and Life Easier

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IKEA has recently introduced a new collection of smart furniture focused on functionality and utility. Products from the line are improved by technologies that are aimed at satisfying our needs and making our daily life more comfortable and easier. The range varies from smart tables to beds with an integrated theater system and it also can charge your device.

The Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed combines everything you need for relaxation. The furniture has a built-in massage chair which you can manage with remote control, a Bluetooth speaker, and an air purification system. In addition, there is a bookshelf along with a reading lamp, an area to charge your devices, and a footrest that has additional storage. Hariana bed also features a safe where you can keep your valuable things, and they will be password protected.

This Clock table is able to transform food waste into energy turning it into wireless power. The product combines technology and functionality and teaches us sustainable waste management.

The IKEA STARKVIND air purifier is available in two versions: a floor-standing model (designed in black and white colors) and a side table version with dark or light finishes. The items cost 129 and 189 dollars and will be available for purchase in the brand stores starting from October 2021 in the USA.

The COMODO shoe cabinet was also designed as a pouf for you to sit on. The closet is equipped with disinfection technology, so your shoes will be protected from moisture and any bacterial or fungal deposits.

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