Brands Ikea and Lego Teamed Up To Launch the Line of Storage Boxes for Bygglek

ikea lego collab

The famous great brands united to launch the collection of storage boxes for Bygglek. The line features three little boxes, two big ones, and a set of Lego bricks. It is hard to imagine that the product will see the world this year. The collaboration is planned to start in October. The collection is funny but really functional.


The designer of the Lego Group described the invention as intertwined play and storage. The firm proposes to people the range of products that can create the area for playing one in the routine life. It allows you to show creativity and splash out all emotions. The most important thing, it gives you the opportunity to spend more time with your family and friends.

new lego collab

You can play whenever you want, return to replay the construction, remake, and finally start over. There are a lot of complaints from parents all over the world that children's Lego disrupts them. So, the new product is the best choice to find the mutual understanding between the generations.

The designer of Ikea, Andreas Fredriksson said that the same situation is perceived by kids and adults from different points. When the last ones see the mess, the first ones see the stimulating creative environment. And the new assemblage will help them to find a common language. The line will be available in shops and online from the 1 of October.

It is very important to rightly interact in such a hard time for everyone. Family is the most essential part of your life. The closest people and the hardest relationships you should always work on. All contacts need hard work but exactly these ones cost the efforts made. So, don`t waste your time on arguments and enjoy Lego playing and comfortable storage.

And what do you think about this collaboration? Have you ever used the brands` production? Comment it under the article!

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