How to Wash Throw Pillows?

how to wash throw pillows without removable cover

The pillow is a comfort accessory that is used every night to rest after long, hectic days. It is therefore essential to carry out sufficient maintenance for these pillows. Indeed, studies show that after two uses of a pillow, almost a third of it is composed of dead skin, mites, and their bodily waste. Pretty disgusting, isn't it? In this article, we'll give you our best advice on how to clean pillows at home. We will give you all the tips for cleaning throw pillows so that you can have asleep with your head resting on a cozy cloud that smells clean!

The first traces of the use of pillows date back to -7000 BC in Mesopotamia. Humans have therefore been using this accessory for a long time now for the comfort essential for restful sleep. We already found all shapes and sizes as for example in China, some pillows were made of bamboo or even porcelain sometimes.

Nowadays, three main types of materials are used to stuff our pillows; animal, vegetable, and synthetic. Pillows stuffed with animal materials are usually made from bird feathers. Plant pillows are generally used in Asia and require more intensive maintenance. For plant and synthetic pillows, it is recommended to carry out cleaning on average every six months to maintain the qualities and their hygiene.

Can You Wash Throw Pillows and How?

how to clean pillows at home

The best way to wash both synthetic and feather pillows is with a washing machine. If you were wondering can you machine wash a pillow, the answer is yes. The only exception is feather pillow, which sometimes if the poor quality or specialized for people with dust mite allergies, cannot be machine-fitted.

For both feather and synthetic pillow, wash between 30 to 40 degrees. Also, avoid putting your pillow in the dryer. This often damages the quality. For pillows made of synthetic materials, the label often recommends the best ways to wash them. For example, they will recommend a cold wash or 40 degrees one depending on the manufacturers. In any case, it is important to dry your pillow in a flat position. This will prevent the inside of your cushion from having balls of material which is relatively uncomfortable.

How to Wash Decorative Pillows?

cleaning throw pillows

Sometimes decorative pillows are more fragile than the pillows you use for sleeping. For example, they may have lace or other decorative elements that cannot be machine washed. How to clean pillows that can’t be washed in the machine? There is no other solution than to go for a hand wash. Simply pour a little liquid Marseille soap into a basin of lukewarm water. Insert the pillow inside and rub gently so as not to damage the fragile parts. Let dry flat to prevent your pillow from making balls of material inside.

How to Wash Throw Pillows without a Removable Cover?

can you machine wash a pillow

There are several types of pillows without a removable cover, such as memory pillows. Thus, it happens over time that they turn yellow due to wear. We are therefore going to offer you various tips to remove these wear spots on the pillow and more particularly on those without a removable cover.

One of the most popular products for cleaning your cushions is soda ash. Just mix half a cup with your laundry for a whitening wash. In addition, it will also restore strength to your machine by removing lime residue.

If the use of the washing machine is not available to you, you can wash it by hand. Add hydrogen peroxide, known to whiten fabrics, to your lukewarm water basin.

Your last ally for whitening the yellowing pillow over time is baking soda. Add 500 grams of baking soda to your water to perform the final rinses of your cushion.

In this article, we've shared our top tips for cleaning your pillows and finally sleeping with your head on clean. You were able to discover how to make your cushions can be washed whether they are without a removable cover, decorative, synthetic, or with feathers.

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