The Toilet Is a Common Attribute of Home: You Have to Delve into the Device for Attaching the Toilet Seat

how to replace a toilet seat

How to Uninstall a Toilet?

Replacing one part is cheaper than buying new plumbing.

To carry out a successful way of how to remove toilet seat covers, it is necessary to carry out the appropriate measurements, select the desired design in the store, and dismantle the old model and know how to put a toilet seat on. Each stage has its own characteristics and difficulties. Knowing them, the replacement will be faster and will not require a call to the master. This will significantly save the family budget.

Plumbing repairs are usually straightforward. Most often, the cistern begins to leak or the toilet lid mount breaks. In the first case, you can fix everything, in the second, you have to go to the store for a new cover. Repairing it is a waste of time.

How to change a toilet seat or how to remove an American standard toilet seat? Choosing a lid and a toilet seat In the second place, after problems with the cistern, there are breakdowns of the lid and fasteners for the changing toilet seats. In this case, it is easier to go to the store than to repair them.

removing toilet seat

The plumbing department will surprise you with a huge selection. In the last century, there were only plastic and plywood seats. Today they can be equipped with an analyzer of the composition of intestinal gases, and heating, and a microlift, and whatever their heart desires.

The Materials from Which the Removing Toilet Seat and Lids Are Made

  • Plastic (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride). The seat itself is not solid: under the rounded surface, there are stiffening ribs, which rest on the toilet with rubber inserts or plastic protrusions. The advantage of this option is low price, the disadvantage is fragility;
  • Duroplast. In fact, the same plastic, but it has a hard surface, it looks like ceramic. The material is resistant to weak acids and ultraviolet radiation. Antibacterial additives prevent microbes from spreading rapidly over the surface. Advantages - strength and attractive appearance, disadvantage - higher price than, for example, conventional plastic;
  • Plywood. Yes, there are such specimens. At the bottom, rubber pads are glued, or even just screwed on with screws, the cover is not provided in the kit. Advantages - very cheap and very durable, disadvantages - disgusting appearance. A few decades ago, perhaps such a seat was in almost every home, but now it is suitable, perhaps, for a summer residence;
  • Padded seat with foam rubber. The base is made of plastic, sheathed with polymer fabric. The design is different, you can find it quite laconic, although cats and flowers are much more common. Advantages: soft and comfortable, disadvantages - it breaks very quickly, especially if pets are accustomed to going not to the tray, but to the toilet;
  • Wood, chipboard or MDF. The quality of workmanship depends on the individual manufacturer, there are rough products, and there are also very attractive ones. The disadvantage is the weight of the seat. If it falls, you can take into account how to remove a toilet seat cover, and it can simply split the toilet.

How to Install Toilet Seat?

Before you go to the store and change the toilet seat, decide on the shape: a square seat with a lid on an oval toilet will look uncomfortable, inappropriate, and ugly, and vice versa. It is enough to take a picture of your toilet bowl on a mobile phone, and also write down its overall dimensions. Basically, semi-oval covers and seats are sold in stores.

The share of chopped or rectangular products is slightly less. The edges of such covers are rounded so as not to injure yourself or tear your clothes. If the craving for everything original extends even to the restroom, you can also find exclusive seats with covers: frogs, flowers, ducks; for music lovers, products in the form of a guitar or folk instruments are sold.

How to Remove Toilet Seat with Hidden Fixings?

how to put a toilet seat on

If the family has a small child, then the standard seat will be too big for him. In this case, take a look at products that have an insert with a smaller hole built into the lid itself or between it and the seat. It is just for kids.

As for the functions that the manufacturers of sanitary ware supply to their products, there is no limit to imagination. In stores, you can find seats not only with a microlift or heated but also with a built-in bidet and an intestinal gas analyzer.

The developers even thought about the psychological mood during their stay in the restroom and equipped the toilet lids with radios and audio systems. The latter, by the way, imitate the sounds of pouring water: apparently, it’s easier for someone to do their job.

How to Replace a Toilet Seat and Install a New Cover with a Seat?

Before removing the lid from the toilet, you need to prepare the tool. In older designs, the nuts are difficult to access, so you will need a socket wrench, as well as silicone, pliers, and a hacksaw.

How to replace toilet seats with hidden bolts?

replace toilet seat

Usually, the toilet seat and lid are secured with two bolts. Sometimes a hairpin is used instead. How to remove the old toilet seat? If the plumbing has been around for many years, then most likely the nut will have to be clamped with pliers. Before removing the seat from the toilet, it can be lubricated with silicone or oil, then it will be easier to unscrew. As a last resort, the bolt is sawn with a hacksaw.

At the same time, in order not to damage the toilet itself, they put plywood or cardboard. The hinge in the new seats is plastic, easily accessible from above. The kit now sells everything that is needed for installation, including plastic bolts and nuts. They do not rust and, if necessary, if you know how to remove the Bemis toilet seat can be easily unscrewed. To install the cover, you first need to get the fasteners into the grooves and tighten the bolts. Then you need to move the structure forward a little and tighten the nuts. Then the seat will not move during use, and the lid will not constantly fall off.

how to install a toilet seat

A bidet is a convenient thing, but in most apartments, it is simply impossible to fit it in the bathrooms, among other plumbing fixtures. Manufacturers are aware of this and offer an alternative option: a bidet lid

Before attaching the toilet seat, you should know how to take off the toilet seat. First, turn off the water tap and install a power outlet nearby. Then remove the old cover and install a new one with a built-in bidet. Connect the T-valve with a supply hose to the cistern and a hose with a plastic nut and filter to the bidet cover. Open the water tap and plug in the power cord. If you chose a simple lid with a toilet seat, then you can easily cope with their installation on your own.

But if you don’t mind the money, you can buy a non-standard model, then it’s better to invite the master so that you don’t have to give it back for repairs without even using it. After all, you can damage an expensive cover already when you remove it from the package: it is not connected to the seat. And few people know about this.

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