How to Make Christmas Balls Ornaments

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Nothing is more exciting and representative of the magic of Christmas than starting to decorate your home. Add the garlands, the tree, and all those things that make Christmas a unique time to spend with the family. Generally, from the beginning of December, we start to install the Christmas decorations. You can do this in several ways but for example, an idea might be to add new decorations during each weekend in December. So the first weekend, the magical atmosphere settles a bit in your home. These are the first rediscoveries of all these decorations that recall childhood and the beauty of those moments. Then the second week, we feel that the big day is approaching and your home will already look more welcoming. The third week and the last is the highlight. We add all the finishing touches to beautify your home as much as possible to experience a real magical Christmas movie in your living room. Little by little, the beautiful moments spent with the family decorating the house are becoming a tradition that we want to relive with impatience every year. In this article, we will offer you how to share these moments even more with your family. Indeed, we will make you discover to make your own Christmas ornament, more specifically Christmas ball ornaments. We'll give you everything you need to know for you. Christmas ornaments are one of the most important of Christmas decorations and easy to do crafts with clear plastic ornaments. What to spend a unique moment with your family and make your own Christmas ball ornaments from A to Z.

Homemade Christmas Ball Ornaments

how to decorate christmas ornaments balls

One of the easiest ways to be able to make Christmas baubles, customize them to your liking, and therefore have a unique decoration that you won't find anywhere else is by using a transparent Christmas bauble. For that, you will neither need to be good at DIY nor too much material but just want to explore your creativity. The list of equipment to plan to be able to make yourself for DIY Christmas ornaments clear balls is as follows

  • Transparent balls: they are easily found in several supermarkets specializing in the field of decoration. They are generally inexpensive and come in sets of 6 or 12, enough to give you creativity.
  • Anything you can use to decorate your craft decoration balls: marbles, glitter, floor paint, string, fake snowflakes, small plants, colored paper, etc. - Get carried away by your inspirations, this is what will make your Christmas balls craft something unique.
  • Materials such as scissors, glue, string, etc.

How to Decorate Christmas Ornaments Balls

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Decorate Your Ornament Balls with Glitter

One of the DIY ornament ideas is to decorate your ornamental balls with glitter. There are two ways to be able to decorate your ornament balls with glitter either by putting the glitter on the outside face of the ball or on the inside. By putting the sequins inside, you will give a much more modern style of decoration with which the constitution of the ball will still be visible. You can simply mix multiple sizes, colors, and textures of glitter and just pour them inside. To have a decoration that matches your home, consider putting colors that are present in your home or colors that contrast such as saffron yellow with pink. You can go with very fine sequins which will recall a very festive style and can also stay for New Years’.

On the contrary, you can glue your glitter on the outside of your ball which will give a completely different atmosphere. For this, we recommend that you dip the Christmas ball in glue and then roll it in the glitter of your choice. Please note, to do this, it is recommended to first prepare your glitter in a large bowl so that once the glue is applied you only have to roll it as quickly as possible. This type of decoration can be a bit messier as it happens that over time the glitter will peel off the ball and settle on the floor. This is why it is important to let the glue dry well after soaking it with glitter. This decoration idea allows you to bring a festive, original, and new trend atmosphere to your Christmas decoration for a unique festive interior design. The last key to consider is to choose a ribbon that matches the color of the sequins in order to have some craft ornament balls that are thought out down to the small details.

Decorate Your Christmas Balls with Plants

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Another way to make glass ball ornaments crafts is by using plants. To do this, you simply need to provide some pretty rather dry winter tree branches such as holly with its magnificent red fruit, or even thyme, which is reminiscent of the branches of a miniature fir tree. All you have to do is slide it inside before closing the ball. You can also add some dried flowers inside for a lasting decoration with the elegance of still lifes. This is a simple and sophisticated DIY Christmas ball ornaments that will show off a taste for class. If you want to take inspiration a step further you can also add some soil and plant a miniature cactus inside. You will need to equip yourself with fine tweezers to properly root the cactus in the earth. But once the result is complete you can keep this decoration all year round because it will never fade.

Decorate Your Christmas Balls with Paint

The last way to make a simple and effective transparent Christmas ball ornament crafts is by using paint. Thanks to this you can give it all the shapes and colors you want. For a more childish style, you can for example draw faces of iconic Christmas figures like a snowman or a snowflake. If you want a more classy and mature look, you can venture into more flowery designs with gold colors for example.

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