How to Lighten a Dark Room with No Natural Light?

lighting for dark rooms

Light is one of the most important decorative accessories to consider. Indeed, many studies show how having bright rooms impact morale. Having bright rooms helps regulate moods and sleep while providing energy. It has even been shown that light can strengthen the immune system so that it is more resistant. In addition, having a bright room makes it easier to wake up so as to regulate our biological clock. In this article, we will offer you several tips on how to create more light in a dark room. What are the tips, accessories, and space layout that best allows you to brighten up a dark room? Several interior designs have focused on developing different techniques that allow light to enter in order to add light to a dark room.

The Best Ways to Brighten a Dark Room

When a room lacks lighting, it gives the impression of being without atmosphere, providing a dark and cold atmosphere. A well-lit bedroom, on the other hand, brings life to rooms. The designer "Natural light is delivered by the sky and falls vertically, like a shower, says Alexi Hervé. It passes in front of the windows without necessarily entering the house. It is necessary to capture this light to attract it inside. ”This quote applies even more to rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom which require more light than the rest of the house. In the rest of this article, we will offer you different lighting solutions for dark rooms.

Free Up Spaces in Front of Windows

how to create more light in a dark room

You often don't realize it, but it's easy to accumulate things around windows that further block light from entering the room. The first piece of advice is to remove all furniture within a radius of 40 cm around the window frame. This will easily free up the space necessary to maximize the entry of light into the room. Remember to apply this advice also for anything that clutters the outside of the window. This will allow you to let in more light while having a clear view of the beauty of the outside world.

Choose Warm Colors

This tip is more about the impact of light on color as well as the inverse relationship, which is the impact that colors can have on bouncing light. By using warm colors, you can therefore bring a warm atmosphere and break the cold atmosphere coming from the lack of light. Go for example on a panel of tones ranging from yellow to pink, enough to illuminate your interior design. For example, you can paint one of your walls in a color such as light pink, for example, and apply it to different colors and furniture.

Have Light-Colored Furniture

ideas to brighten a dark room

Another solution lighting solution for dark rooms is to opt for furniture with very light colors, in order to break the cold atmosphere resulting from the lack of light in the room. For example, you can use light wood furniture that can easily illuminate dark places. Regarding the floor, opting for wood will diffuse the light more through the room. For this, it is important to install the wooden planks in the direction of the entry of the light. This will allow more light to slide in and enter the room better. It is an easily applicable solution and a good way on how to lighten a dark room.

Hang Mirrors

Indeed, mirrors have the function of being able to make light travel through rooms. You can hang it on different walls to bounce the light all over the room. To add a designer touch, you can vary the sizes as well as the frames. You can make an entire wall in the antique mirror for example this will give a unique decoration while facilitating the entry of light into the room. You can also find mirrors with built-in lighting at the back that will double add light, on the one hand, thanks to the mirror itself and on the other hand thanks to the built-in artificial light.

Add Lights

ways to brighten a dark room

While this will not add natural light to the interior of the room, it can be a way of lighting dark rooms. To promote the effects of light, consider diffusing your lamps. So for example, it is better to add several decorative lamps than one in the center of the room. The light should spread over the entire ceiling, not just the center. Artificial lighting can be turned on to balance natural light for continuous lighting. You can add a warm side to it for example with garlands. Opt more for bulbs where you can adjust the degree of light and the effects of temperatures. In general, yellower bulbs should be upgraded compared to whiter bulbs. Also, this can match the size of the lamp, for example, warmer colors are enhanced with smaller lamps.

Open the Room to a Bright Room

You can only do this if one of the walls in one of your rooms is not a load-bearing wall. So you can simply knock down the wall and combine a bright room with a dark room. This will give a room more inspired by modern lofts. It is also possible for you not to completely knock down the wall and to leave a small low partition to limit the spaces.

In this article, you have been able to discover all of our best tips on how to make a dark room brighter to have a room with enough light and allow you to feel good. By adding light to a dark room, you can completely create a new and unique atmosphere.

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