How to Install Linoleum?

how to fill a linoleum floor

You are looking for new inspirations to renovate your interior floors by yourself. For an easy to install, economical, natural, and ecological renovation, the linoleum will meet all your expectations of what to have a design and unique vinyl floor. In this article, we will give you all the keys to install linoleum at home and not on your own. You will discover what this material is, what utensils will be useful to you to succeed in this pose, and finally how to lay linoleum.

What Is Linoleum Made From?

Before we dive into installing linoleum flooring, let's start by looking at what is linoleum made of. Linoleum is a very flexible floor that consists of a flax paste mixed with cork or wood powder and resins. This is why it is recognized as a natural and ecological material. This equipment was invented in 1860 by the Scottish laboratory technician F. Walto. It is important to note that linoleum is not suitable for wet rooms as it easily deteriorates with water. On the other hand, it has antiseptic and antibacterial health virtues. Now that you have understood what linoleum is, we can move on to the main topic of this article: how do you lay linoleum.

How to Install Linoleum Floor?

diy linoleum floor

In the rest of this article, we will show you how to install linoleum floor. The first thing to do to lay a linoleum floor is to gather the necessary materials to be able to DIY a linoleum floor. Below you will find everything it takes to successfully lay your floor wonderfully.

List of Materials You Need

  • Linoleum: It is important to provide the required dimensions to be able to install your floor. For this, it is recommended to measure the maximum widths and lengths of your surface and add more or less 10 centimeters in width and length. Also, if your floor is not a perfect rectangle and there are different scales, consider taking the maximum measurement.
  • Special glue for linoleum: The quantities will therefore depend on your dimensions. To do this, do not hesitate to find out the quantities needed at the store where you will buy your equipment.
  • Plinths: These will be useful for finishing your installation.
  • A single bar: You will need one for each of the doors in the room where you will place the linoleum.

To this list, you can also add tools such as adhesive, meters, pencils, a stair tool, a cutter, a spatula. With these different tools, you will have everything you need to focus on how to install sheet linoleum.

Little Tips before Laying Your Linoleum Floor

how to install sheet linoleum

One of the tips to consider before proceeding with the linoleum installation steps is to check the quality of the linoleum. Indeed, very inexpensive linoleums on the market are often very fine and therefore their quality is impaired. It is important to take a stronger linoleum in order to preserve its longevity and the ecological qualities of it.

The second tip concerns your linoleum warehouse. This is because you may not go straight to laying your floor after purchasing your new floor. So to preserve the material before installation, leave the roll of linoleum in its protective packaging. Likewise, avoid bending as this may leave traces that may be visible after installation. It is also important that the warehouse chamber is heated above 15 degrees to maintain the quality of your material. If the temperatures are too low or too high this can warp the material which will tear more easily.

Steps to Succeed You DIY Linoleum Flooring

how do you lay linoleum

The first step in laying your linoleum floor is to prepare your floor so that it is flat, clean, and dry. It is important to make sure that your ground is completely flat and free from any imperfections as these may appear through the linoleum. In addition, you will need to clear the room of all your furniture, clean the floor and scrape all traces that could affect your linoleum installation.

Once this step has been completed, you will need to prepare your linoleum. You can unroll it and put it in place. Afterward, you will need to cut your sides so that there are no more than five centimeters in excess. The ruler will allow you to get straight and even cuts.

You can switch to laying linoleum. One technique that allows you to properly lay your ground is to separate your room into two distinct parts. You will start by fixing your linoleum with adhesive from the middle of the room to one side and then the other. In the same way, apply a layer of glue over the entire surface to be installed.

Start with the first side of the room from the center towards the walls. Use the stair tool to flatten and even out the linoleum from the center to the walls. The excess glue can then come out on the edges. Once the first side is done, do the same for the other side.

All you have to do is lay the plinths along the walls to finish your installation. To do this, all you need to do is use the excess glue that settled on the edges during installation. If there is excess linoleum, use your craft knife to cut it out and make it perfectly even. You will have completed all the steps on how to fill a linoleum floor. All you have to do is enjoy your new interior design that is ecological, natural, and fully installed thanks to your motivation.

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