How to “Hide” Electrical Equipment in the Interior: Designers’ Lifehacks

Minimalist interiors are very demanding to the way you place the technical equipment in the room. The tendency to hide everything that might be looking not really esthetical spreads on them as well.  According to the modern conception, all the elements must be the parts of one idea. The perfect case is when they are united in the frames of one style and «overflow» one into another. All these must be planned thoroughly from the very beginning and adjusted with the layout, electrification plan, and, of course, furniture.

Here are some advices, how to avoid the confrontation of appliances with the whole idea of design.

Built It In

to hide the electrical equipment

It is very easy to do in the kitchen, as almost every unit of kitchen equipment can be easily built-in. What about other premises? It is also possible!

  • Bathroom. A lot of designers hide the boilers and the washing/drying machines in the cabinets or behind the decorative panels. The principle is very similar to the way we do it in the kitchen. If the size of the bathroom allows, you can make a little pantry with help of a separating wall and dedicate it not only for equipment but also for all cleaning staff.
  • Living room. It is very convenient to organize the storage system that covers the whole wall. Here you can “hide” not only the appliance but also the sockets and wires. Even the conditioner can be camouflaged behind the special decorative lattice. Very interesting ideas offered by the TV-set’s producers: in order to make the back of the TV flat completely, they place all the sockets in the special box that can be bricked into the wall. The wires, adjusted to this box, can be moved to practically any hidden place you like. This turns the TV-set into an elegant black frame, which adjoins the wall completely, without any gap.

Camouflage It

electrical equipment in the interior

A lot of popular producers offer a colorful appliance. You can choose the equipment of any color, so that it blends with the walls, like a chameleon. As usual, such models are more expensive than colorless ones, besides, they might not have the exact color that you need. But you can always paint any electrical appliance by yourself. You have a wide variety of acrylic paints that can be used for plastic.

Turn It into the Decor

equipment in the design
equipment in the design

Electrical equipment that is embodied in a certain style can become the leading element of decor – the fireplace, fridge, gas stove. It is especially appropriate in classical, vintage, retro, and loft styles.

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