Features and Methods of Cleaning Faux Fur for Every Occasion

Cleaning Faux Fur for Every Occasion

The variety of furs today is astounding, and it is very difficult to distinguish between artificial and natural. In recent years, artificial fur has become a good alternative to natural fur. Manufacturers have made it similar to its natural animal wool counterparts. Artificial fur products do not cause allergic reactions and condemnation from environmentalists. In terms of cost, synthetic material is much cheaper and more practical for everyday wear.

One-touch of the soft faux fur of a new product always evokes images of stroking a fluffy cat's tummy, but after a few months of use, the accumulation of fat and dirt will inevitably lead to lumps and pelts.

Faux fur also needs to be cleaned and cared for. And if many housewives know how to take care of the natural material, there are always a lot of questions with faux fur restoration. We tell you how to clean faux fur, how to fix faux fur that is matted, and keep its pristine beauty. And of course, share the basic rules for the care.

What Is Faux Fur?

A pile of chemical or natural fibers is attached to a knitted or leatherette fabric. The pile can be smooth wool, with a pattern, as well as imitating the color of the natural fur. Each type of material is made using special technologies and methods. Artificial fur has both advantages and disadvantages, which you should also be aware of.

What Is Faux Fur?

Advantages of the material:

  • Absence of the moth problem;
  • Lightweight;
  • Durability;
  • Low cost – such clothes will be available to everyone;
  • If a fur coat goes bad, it will not be a shame to throw it away.
  • To make a beautiful coat or jacket, there is no need to kill an animal for the purpose of fur.

The disadvantages include:

  • Such items retain heat worse;
  • Can “shed”;
  • With frequent washing gives shrinkage, can lose the nap;
  • Fur overtime rolls and falls off.

Despite the sufficient number of negative aspects, fake fur products are still popular. So, how to fix faux fur? Let's move on to the question of washing and subsequent care of the material and find out how to make faux fur look new?

Can Faux Fur Be Washed?

How to fix faux fur that is matted? And how to undo matted faux fur? In fact, if you wash faux fur incorrectly, it can lead to damage to the material.

That is why it is so important to follow some recommendations:

  1. Artificial fur is not very fond of high temperatures – after heating, the fabric base can soften and deform. Even if the fabric is all right, the pile loses its smoothness and original luster.
  2. Can you’re dry-cleaned faux fur? Yes. You can use the dry cleaning faux fur method, which is only done by dry-cleaning faux fur. The only thing worth remembering is that not every dry cleaner has special equipment suitable for cleaning furs on synthetic leather.
  3. The artificial pile has no “pile growth” direction, so after washing it may wrinkle and start to fluff up. To prevent this, smooth the cleaned clothes with your hands, and after the product dries, comb it.
  4. Carefully dry the garment. Do not use an electric dryer for drying, as it may have a negative effect on the quality of the fur. It is best to hang the garment in a way that does not expose it to direct sunlight.
  5. Be very careful when washing light-colored furs, as the nap may darken as a result of improper care – if this happens, it can be very difficult to return the product to its original color.

How to Defrizz Faux Fur?

When cleaning any type of faux fur, avoid as much agitation (spinning or wringing) and high heat as possible. After washing, the fur may appear slightly matted carpet fix. You can fluff fixing the matted carpet up again by gently brushing it with a soft-bristle brush.

How do you wash fur?

  • Shake the fur to remove any dirt or debris that has settled onto the coat.
  • Hang the fur properly.
  • Brush the fur while it hangs.
  • Remove any light stains by using a homemade solution.
  • Rub the stain gently with a white cloth and allow it to dry.
  • Brush the entire coat with a fur brush once the fur is completely dry.

How to Make Faux Fur Soft Again?

You don't want to use fabric softener to wash faux fur. Instead, the best way to make it smooth again after washing and gently brushing it is to mix a teaspoon of hair conditioner with 2 cups (0.47 l) of water and place it in a spray bottle.

Can You Fix Faux Fur after the Dryer?

It is logical to ask: how to fix faux fur damaged by the dryer? You can put the quilt in the dryer or if you have the option to leave it to air dry or even take it outside, that would be the best option.

How to Clean a Faux Fur Blanket?

Can Faux Fur Be Washed?

Can you wash a faux fur blanket? Do you know how to make matted carpet fluffy again? Put at least three tennis balls in the dryer along with your quilt. They sort of massage your quilt during the drying cycle. Always choose a low-heat or air drying mode, as tennis balls are made of rubber and will melt if heated strongly.

How to Keep Faux Fur Blankets Soft?

Blanket softening steps:

  1. Wiggle the blanket in the water to distribute the conditioner/oil over it.
  2. Press the blanket up and down in the water several times to allow the conditioner to disperse into the fibers.
  3. Allow it to soak for 5 minutes, then drain the water.

How to Clean a Faux Fur Chair?

How to Clean a Faux Fur Blanket?

Maintain a faux fur chair that isn't too dirty by wiping it down with a baby wipe. You can use a pet hair brush or vacuum cleaner brush attachment to remove dust and dirt from faux fur. Apply a mild detergent with cool water or a hair detangling shampoo to clean up any stains, and agitate with a brush.

How to Wash a Faux Fur Pillow?

Set the washing machine to use cold water and the delicate wash cycle. Use only a mild laundry detergent, designed for handwashing. Turn the machine on and add a detergent. A detergent that is too strong can damage the faux fur or cause it to lose its color.

How Do You Clean Fur Trim on Hood?

Can You Iron Faux Fur

A hood with real fur trim should be hand washed separately using a mild shampoo or dry-cleaned using the fur-cleaning method. To refresh the fur, brush when dry. Caring for your down with faux fur trim on the hood: Many faux fur trims found on the hood are washable and dryable.

Can You Iron Faux Fur?

Heat must not be applied to Faux Fur, so it is impossible to iron, and even the smallest amount of shrinkage can cause the product to look misshapen. Spot cleaning with cold water and/or gentle soap is the best way for small areas – for a thorough cleaning we recommend dry cleaning.

How to Clean Vintage Fur?

It's best to have this kind of fur cleaned by a reputable furrier who specializes in it. In the cleaning process, the fur is placed in a metal drum with sawdust and a special liquid cleaner for about 45 minutes, which removes odors, such as perfume, and destroys dirty patches.

Should You Wash Faux Fur before Sewing?

Before you start sewing with faux fur, you need to prepare and gather materials and equipment. Here's what we found most helpful. Don't wash the faux fur beforehand.

Important! Cleaning fur garments at home should be extremely careful. To avoid a negative reaction of the cleanser, test it first on a small area, and only then begin to treat the entire length.

Breathe new life into your most beloved faux furs. Dare to use our easiest but effective methods and recommendations.

But if you are suddenly unsure, it is better to trust your fur to professionals — take the product to the dry cleaner. We hope that this article will help you restore the appearance of faux fur on your outerwear.

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