How to Divide a Room into Two Spaces?

room dividing ideas for apartments

Sometimes you may not be able to choose the dimensions of the space you live in. However, having a well-appointed space is one of the most important criteria in the world of interior design. Although it is important to have a design and aesthetic place, it must also meet more general functions allowing the ease of everyday life. In the conceptualization of your room, space design is an essential element allowing you to organize your rooms while highlighting the desired universe. For this, several accessories and innovative concepts are easily at your disposal such as using furniture, different lighting, colors, etc. In this article, we will focus on several room divider ideas and different ways to separate a room. We are going to explore the creative ways to divide a room that you can easily integrate into your rooms so that you can have some room partition idea.

Space design is a new variant of interior and exterior design that is more particularly concerned with the layout. This new trend in interior design combines aesthetics with more functional and practical aspects. At the time, space design was one of the architect's jobs. However, the specialization of the trades has made it possible to open up new tasks oriented more towards the needs. To be successful in a space design, you have to know how to be empathetic and listen to your needs. Subsequently, you can focus on interior design through the use of different objects and materials. Taking space design into consideration means successfully importing the layout of your daily needs into space.

How to Separate a Room: The Half-Partitions

separate a room without building a wall

If you are wondering how to divide a room, one of the best ways is probably to build a half partition. This allows you to delimit two spaces in the same room without reducing the light or the space present in the room. It is even often recommended to give the feeling of a larger space which is often sought when dividing rooms. You can either think of installing a complete half-partition, i.e. from the floor to the ceiling, but it is also possible to create one up to half the height of the room.

You can play with different materials depending on the atmosphere you are looking for in your room. If you want to go to a DIY room dividers with a natural spirit, you can for example build your partition with vegetable plants such as hanging cork or bamboos.

You can also use a plaster half-partition for your bedroom at the back of your bed. This separation could be used as a dressing room by integrating hollow within your partition. With these room partition designs, you will save the need for a wardrobe while integrating space into your room. For this half wall inspiration, we recommend that you build this half wall so that you can glue the bed to it. This will allow you to have a double-function half-wall; wardrobe on one side and headboard on the other.

Another idea for your half wall is to add different paint paper to it depending on which side of the room you are in. This will give the illusion that it is not a room separated into two but two more distinct rooms with varying atmospheres.

cheap way to divide a room

You can also play around with the materials and functions of your half wall. If you go on a plaster half-partition for your living room, it is for example possible to integrate a fireplace. This will allow you to delimit your living room from your kitchen or your bedroom while integrating functionality into your half-partition.

The different room dividing ideas for apartments that not only allow you to take possession of your space in order to optimize it and meet your living needs. But, the use of a half-partition also makes it possible to integrate functionality into this space divider, such as that of a wardrobe, a fireplace, or even a headboard.

The Curtains

The advantage of using curtains as a room divider lies mainly in their malleability. Indeed, it is a material particularly easy to arrange, and it can be either to be opened or to be closed according to the desires and needs attributed to the room. You can thus create and recreate your spaces to suit your expectations. For example, you can opt for velvet curtains for the winter. They will have the advantage of dressing your rooms and helping to maintain the warmth of your rooms. For summer, we recommend choosing lighter materials such as linen or silk sheers. One advantage of using curtains as dividers is that you can change the types of curtains and vary the colors as you see fit.

how to divide a room for privacy

If you are looking for a room divider that carries light, it will be more favorable to go with sheer curtains. On the other hand, to have a room divider that also acts as a light divider, we recommend that you consider installing blackout curtains. This can be the case, for example, when you want to separate your bedroom from the rest of the living room. The curtains are also a cheap way to divide a room.

Japanese Sliding Doors

It is well known that in Japan, space design is an integral part of the culture of valuing Feng Shu spaces. The harmonization of spaces would directly participate in the harmonization of minds and inner well-being. If you are wondering how to divide a room for privacy, there is no better way than by dividing your spaces using Japanese-inspired sliding glass doors. These doors will allow a complete separation of spaces while transferring the light to them thanks to the many windows which are integrated into them.

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