How to Decorate Your Balcony?

balcony decor ideas

If you want to transform your balcony into the best place to host your friends for the long summer nights? Or if you just want to reorganize your balcony so you can finally enjoy the arrival of fine spring days, we will propose for you different balcony decoration ideas in the following article.

Balconies, the apartment's only link to the outside world, has always been described in accounts as to where forbidden loves flourish. From Shakespeare to Cyrano de Bergerac, all the nocturnal romantic encounters took place perched upon a balcony.

The balcony has also long been a sign of wealth, often accompanied by moldings, demonstrating the social status of its holder. Today, the balcony is still an important symbol of our cultures on top of which many celebrations take place such as the election of the new Pope, the weddings of royal families, and sometimes even political speeches by our presidents.

During these periods of confinement, the balcony appeared to be the only access to social and external social links. Communities came together to applaud, dance, and drink on their balconies. This highlighted the importance of contact with the outside world during periods of confinement.

Thus, the balcony appears as an inevitable place integrated into one's home to experience love, friendship, and pleasure. In this article, we will propose to you many balcony decorating ideas for you to rediscover this outside space of your house. You’ll discover how to decorate an apartment balcony with differents inspirations of atmosphere for a beautiful and authentic bohemian balcony.

Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas for a Bohemian Balcony

how to decorate an apartment balcony

In the rest of this article, we will give you all the keys to succeeding with your balcony design. If you are one of those who like to strut in the sun in a bohemian and warm atmosphere like Moroccan rooftops, you are going to discover the best balcony decoration ideas.

One of the first tips that you can consider, if space allows it, would be to hang a hammock. Finally, what could be better than soaking up the sun from the top of your hammock while enjoying reading a good book near the rays of the sun shining upon your skin?

To continue with a warm and tropical atmosphere, another balcony design idea would be to add a woven bamboo rug as well as, for example, macramé on the walls. You can accompany this with a pretty antique velvet sofa and several cushions ​​taking inspiration from traditional Moroccan rugs to really create an atmosphere where one feels at ease.

To continue on idea balcony decors, we suggest you buy large antique vases for a more Mediterranean atmosphere, of which you can also discover more inspiration in the article of our blogs proposed on this subject. Regarding the colors, we suggest you go for more sandy colors that can be matched with linen curtains for a connection with the interior. If possible, add an antique chandelier to brighten up your future evenings with friends.

A Small Home Garden

balcony decorating ideas

Another cool balcony idea would be to hang garlands on the top of your balcony to provide you with a bohemian and romantic starry night ambiance. You can also think of integrating an unpolished old wood table for a pure balcony design.

To add romance, a cute balcony idea that we recommend is to grow a small home garden. There are several tips that can help you add this to the often-small balcony space. For example, an idea on how to decorate your balcony would be to build a wall shelf from which you can hang different plants you want to grow to spice up your dishes. You can also find macramé which can be hung from the ceiling in pots. To add a bohemian atmosphere, you can add hanging plants like ivy or Ceropegia woodii.

Otherwise, as we have suggested previously, is to look into large antique vases that are often used for Mediterranean decoration. Don’t hesitate to plant in it different plants like a lemon tree or an olive tree for an atmosphere worthy of the balcony from the Paolo Sorrentino movie "la Grande Bellezza".

If you also want to find balcony design ideas to decorate your fence, plants can be an original way. For example, you can use bamboo which is a plant that is easy to maintain and easily withstands different climates. If you want to go for a greener decoration, the laurel-lin is also known to easily decorate your barriers.

To transform your balcony into an authentic and indispensable room in your apartment, consider adding small accessories that can make a big difference in the atmosphere they bring. For example, a balcony decorating idea could be to add pretty candles to chandeliers for a romantic evening.

If you are looking to have an authentic place to take a deep breath of fresh air during the winter seasons, dress your sofa in a pretty synthetic hair blanket. This will allow you to access and enjoy your comfy space even during winter.

In this article, you have been able to discover several valuable tips for redecorating your balcony for a real bohemian atmosphere, enough to strut about in the sun and rest in this unique room of the apartment. By following our balcony design ideas, you will have a balcony from which to enjoy evenings with friends and perhaps even discover a new place of romance.

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