How to Decorate My Fireplace Mantel?

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With the arrival of winter and the night falling earlier and earlier, nothing is better for quality cocooning than having a fireplace at home. Indeed, the fireplace is a place where we gather, where we can spend time with family or lovers while reading a book with a good glass of red wine for example. The fireplace is a way to feel complete and surrounded by that warm atmosphere it brings to homes, something to snuggle up close to during all winter, to watch the snowflakes fall out the window. But before you can take advantage of this unique and essential resting time to face winter, it is important to take an interest in its decoration and more precisely by discovering many mantel decorations ideas. In what types of spaces and what are the mantel fireplace decorating ideas that will suit your living room? In the rest of this article, we will offer you different types of fireplace mantel ideas from a more contemporary, modern, or even more classic style, enough to offer you several inspirations for your interior. We will offer you to discover how to decorate a mantel as well as the best materials to use to have an exceptional place of relaxation. If you want to discover many ways to decorate a fireplace mantel, find out all you need to know in the rest of this article.

How to Decorate a Fireplace: Best Mantel Decor Ideas

how to decorate my fireplace mantel

A Contemporary Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas

If you are looking for a mantel fireplace decor idea that is inspired by contemporary styles, it is necessary that this one follows a form of linearity which will bring out the beauty of the refined spaces. You can go on a discreet and unobtrusive facade that will blend in with airy environments or near windows. Because of its simplicity, it allows you to be creative in the choice of the mantel. You can thus vary the different materials for more sober atmospheres, or more original according to your preferences. To showcase your device, you can for example go with a ceramic mantel. This material will give you a more friendly and soothing appearance that can break the coldness of the contemporary style. This will allow you to have a strong and durable fireplace whose longevity will blow you away. Another way to match your fireplace is to think of wood material. This will bring you a more elegant and noble atmosphere. For this, it is important to make sure that your fireplace model allows it. Indeed, some devices are known to release a lot of heat and thus wood is avoided in this case. For wooden mantels, electric models with low heat output should be preferred.

Modern Decor for Fireplace Mantel

mantel decorations ideas

There is a type of fireplace mantel with 3 or 4 sides that makes it bring beauty and elegance. Indeed, if you opt for a model with 4 glass fronts, it can be observed in 360 degrees, which will make it a real work of art to observe all around. You can even opt for one of the facades that face the outside. This brings brightness in an original way while giving a unique and modern atmosphere. You can integrate a bench that goes directly to the structure to have a unique and personalized fireplace. The advantage is that this structure is sober and allows you to bring different styles. For this structure, two types of coating will give a modern style to your fireplace mantel decoration, steel or concrete. If you are going with a steel material you can easily find specialized craftsmen.

The advantage of steel is that it is easy to maintain and non-combustible material. It can be built to suit your design of choice. It exists in an alcove or mural. Plus, you can easily vary its finish such as opting for raw, painted, or even oxidized materials. In addition, it has the advantage of bringing space into rooms.

If you choose more of a concrete model, it will expand the space by creating a division. In addition, concrete is a durable material that allows for a design tailor-made to suit your tastes. You can have very aesthetic slices with a very fine concrete cutout. It’s an installation without finishing or molding but it’s what makes a modern decoration. There are seven different colors of this type of coating: white, silver, sand, natural, neutral, mineral, or charcoal, and which can vary in three different finishes: smooth, artisan, or eroded. This will give an authentic clean and calming look. This creates a clean, authentic, and soothing look.

Decorating Fireplace Mantel with a Classic Style

ways to decorate a fireplace mantel

For this type of fireplace, the fireplace material is one of the most important elements. You can associate it with natural and noble materials such as for example with stone, marble and that associated with moldings. This classic fireplace style has the advantage of being timeless and that’s what makes it so beautiful. You can also vary the atmosphere with color choices such as with lighter tones and more subdued. You can also use your creativity to add decorative elements to this mantle.

If you go on a marble material, you will give an atmosphere of elegance and nobility. It is a perfect material for all classic style interior designs. You will have a mantel dressed in unique and distinguished material. Marble is a solid material that gives a luxurious appearance to spaces. This material allows a great variety and different proposals of textures.

mantel fireplace decorating ideas

In this article, we've provided you with all mantle decorating tips to help you choose the best atmosphere for your living room. Whether you are more contemporary with a sleek style, more modern with a four-sided fireplace, or classic with the elegance of marble, you can now let your creativity run wild and vary the different decorations to add.

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8 months ago

If I put carpet near the fireplace, could there be a fire?

7 months ago
Reply to  Freddy

Yes! Still, some rugs can be placed in face of a fireplace. Fireplace rugs are composed of a specific design and material to withstand any potential damages that could happen from sparks, fire, or any stuff that might fly into them. Also, almost all fireplace rugs have fire resistance.

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