How to decorate a girls’ room?

You are looking for new inspirations to have a real girl's room. Do you want a room in which your daughter feels good and can become a really strong and independent woman? In this article, we are going to offer you different girls room ideas so that your daughter can develop her self-confidence and the abilities that will accompany her throughout her life. We will present you with different types of cool bedrooms for girls for the most beautiful of childhoods.

As you have maybe read in our precedent article on the boy’s room, a child's bedroom is the most important place for their development. It is in his room that intimacy is built and the child learns how to feel good while being alone.

Thus, it is essential to incorporate into your daughter's bedroom elements that will promote the development of interpersonal qualities such as creativity, curiosity, as well as her intellectual faculties. In addition, it is important to incorporate into the chamber the advances as well as the research that has been carried out on the genre in recent years.

While in the 1960s, it was customary to educate girls to become real housewives by incorporating in girls’ bedrooms designs miniature stoves or even diaper changing stations for their fictitious babies. In this article, we will introduce you to different types of bedroom ideas for girls that are more current to promote access to independence and the development of qualities such as creativity, athletic ability as well as an artistic spirit.

An Adventurous Room

girl room designs ideas

The Bohemian Style for Beautiful Rooms for Girls

To give your desire to become a real adventurous woman who wants to explore the world, we offer you a bohemian style inspired by the different decorative beauties of the world. For example, you can install a four-poster bed with beautiful Indian sari fabrics to introduce him to the traditional Indian style.

To stimulate her desire for discovery and her resourcefulness side, you can also install a little tent in her room for a future backpacker. Some ideas for a girl’s room can be to hang a map of the world on one of the walls or a globe incorporating light to help her discover different countries and cultures. Not only will this make him want to discover the diversity of our world but also stimulate his grades in geography.

beautiful rooms for girls

Another room design for a girl would be to add a small nature discovery station in the corner of her room. For example, she could learn how to keep a botanical notebook of the plants in your garden or why not grow a small indoor garden to integrate the infinite possibilities of nature in her room. In addition, it will give a natural decorative side to her room.

To add a cozier atmosphere, there is nothing better than to hang some garlands on the edge of the window and to add some books on the edge of your bedside table such as The Hidden Life of Trees or Into the wild to stay in the theme of her room. These pretty rooms for girls' ideas will also allow your child to break gender codes and give her a taste for adventure while knowing how to fend for herself.

An Artistic Room

For Beautiful Bedrooms for Girl

girls bedroom design ideas

Nothing can give girls a unique place of expression like art. Indeed, art has always been a militant environment for the liberation of women. For this, you can dress the floors of his room with pretty Moroccan rugs, often very popular in art galleries. Add to this a pretty antique and cozy lamp on her bedside table to introduce her to the beauties of antic art.

We also recommend that you set up a place for her to paint in one of the corners of her room. Thus she will be able to discover an original and unique means of expression. You can also think of adding vases or flowers to give her painting inspiration while decorating her room. Why not leave free space on her door with frames so that she can hang her works there for an infinitely renewed decoration.

You can also think about adding a place where she can develop her musical ear. For example, install a nice velvet sofa if she has an interest in the guitar or simply enough free space to install a battery instrument. This will give a rock and roll style to a real musician's bedroom.

You can also dress up some posters of the rock culture of the 70s such as Blondie who was able to shake up all her time or a poster of Frida Kahlo, a feminist emblem in painting that has made its way into the macho artistic circles of Mexico. Thanks to our advice, you can find the best balance between girly bedroom ideas and develop your daughter’s creativity.

A Sportive Room: Girls Bedrooms Designs Ideas

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Our lasts girls' bedroom designs ideas is a bedroom in which space and decoration allow your child to develop her physical capacities and her agility. If, for example, she is passionate about volleyball or basketball, you can install a miniature court in her room. This will allow her to enjoy an easy workout after school while resting. You can also simply hang a heavy string ladder or rope with gym mats so she can just develop her agility while having fun with her friends.

To have more fun while having nice bedrooms for girls, you can for example install a bed at height. This will give her room to set up a stretching or reading corner under her bed. For example, you can also put lots of cushions on the floor with books on human anatomy or have the greatest athletic achievements books.

She will thus be able to combine her physical knowledge with biological knowledge. For a real sportswoman's bedroom, you can install a miniature slide so that she can slide from her bed to the floor. Not only will she have the best girl room design ideas but all of her friends will want to come and enjoy spending time in her room.

beautiful bedrooms for girl

In this article, we have given you the best girls' bedroom design ideas to allow your child to grow up serenely while developing several qualities such as a taste for adventure, creativity, or her passion for the sport. You can also mix our inspirations. For example, why not think about stimulating your daughter's creativity with a painting workshop as well as her adventurous side by including a little tent in the other corner. Don’t hesitate to inspire yourself with all our girls' bedroom design ideas.

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