How to Decorate a Dining Room Buffet

buffet table decoration

It is common to have a sideboard to be able to arrange the dishes as well as the other accessories necessary for the table setting. However, your storage cabinet may be part of the room for its pragmatic side and it quickly happens that you forget to add a decorative touch. Yet what piece of furniture is more suitable for decoration than the sideboard?

In this article, we will introduce you to several accessories that will enhance your tableware storage cabinet. You will discover how to decorate a buffet. We will give you the best accessories to bring the beauty of little details into your buffet table decoration ideas.

In medieval times, sideboards were not yet a piece of furniture per se. However, he made the first appearance by stacking two large wooden boxes in order to place kitchen utensils and tableware for meals. During the Renaissance, the use of buffets is present. Nonetheless, it is hardly distinguished and considered to be any different from other cabinets in the house. It was not until the next century that it really took on its specific form and utility as dish storage.

Today, all types of buffets can be found in furniture markets. The traditional buffet is a low cabinet where the dishes are arranged as in a low cabinet. There are also china cabinets which, unlike buffets, have an upper part. This part is generally glazed and therefore allows the dishes to be placed as a decorative element.

If you are therefore looking for a more decorative sideboard, you can opt for the styles of tableware that will already allow your kitchen to be dressed with pretty dishes. In the rest of the article, we'll walk you through how to style a buffet table with accessories such as tablecloths, vases, and candles.


buffet dining room decor

The first element for your decorating ideas buffet is the tablecloth. Indeed, you can easily decorate your sideboard with a crochet or lace tablecloth for a kitsch side reminiscent of more traditional styles of decoration. This also helps protect the wood of your sideboard.

You can also think of a linen tablecloth for example if you want to have a more natural fabric that blends in with the simplicity of your furniture. It is also possible to find linen fabrics whose edges are crocheted. This allows you to mix different styles and brings an original decoration. If you are looking for a brighter and more cheerful decoration, we recommend that you buy Indian fabrics called sari which is known for their bright colors.

Flowers and Vases

kitchen buffet decorating ideas

The flowers as well as the vases are the most accessible and easy to integrate decorative elements. It is easy to bring freshness and life to your buffet dining room decor. We recommend a rustic types bouquet style with flowers typically found in the countryside like daisies, primroses, or even sunflowers.

This will bring freshness and brightness to your buffet. If flowers seem like a decorative item that takes too much of your time, you can also think of a bouquet of dry flowers. This will give a whole different impression with a more antique bohemian style but which will perfectly decorate your furniture.

To continue on kitchen buffet decorating ideas, vases can come in all kinds, sizes, and colors in the markets. We recommend that you go on a Chinese ceramic that you can easily find at your neighborhood antique store. This will add a touch of orientalism to your kitchen to vary the decorative elements.

If you are looking more for a return to earth and simplicity in your decoration, you can also consider polished clay vases for example. This type of vases is particularly trendy at the moment for its very raw side which is more reminiscent of the styles of decoration present in the sub-Saharan regions.


how to style a buffet table

Our lasts dining room buffet decorating idea would be to dispose of some candles for their cozy atmosphere. You can opt for jar candles which are the traditional candles and convey a classic style. These generally require little maintenance and have a long life. If you want to continue on a traditional style, you can also look for bronze candlesticks which give an antique effect. You can also place long candles there, which will give height and elegance to your furniture.

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