How to decorate a Christmas tree

beautiful christmas trees decorating ideas

When winter approaches and the days before Christmas go by faster and faster, we just want to be able to light up our home. Indeed, the harsh winter season is a period in which the arrival of Christmas is one of the only celebrations. What could be better than taking time out with the family to fully decorate your interior design while savoring the last batch of freshly baked cookies?

In one of our previous articles, you were able to discover all the best advice on how to make your own Christmas wreath for a warm and magical welcome right on your doorstep. Now, you only have the next step to focus on, your interior design decorations. There is only one majestic and indispensable symbol that incarnates Christmas and it is of course the Christmas tree.

It is the main element of Christmas decorations and essential for enjoying the holidays while opening gifts with the family. In this article, we are going to offer you all our best Christmas tree ideas to brighten up your unforgettable family Christmas moments.

Before we get started on how to decorate a Christmas tree, let's talk about the classic origin of the Christmas tree as a decorative element. Although the Christmas tree is still associated with the Christian religious holiday, several pagan writings describe the use of the tree as a decorative element. It was then considered the birth of the sun. It was decorated with fruits, lights, and wheat leaves.

Subsequently, the Christmas tree decorated with red apples symbolized the tree of Heaven. It then became a decorative element for the holiday season as we know it today. It is interesting to see the transition between a symbolic decoration of the Christmas tree in order to give it a different religious or cultural meaning to a rather aesthetic decoration.

This can also be a decorative vision that you can add for example by using personal, family, or cultural symbols as Christmas decorations ideas. In the rest of this article, we will give you all our advice to succeed the decor Christmas trees and enjoy these magical moments with the family.

The first step of Christmas tree decorating ideas: The structure

modern christmas tree decorations

One of the most important steps in a unique Christmas tree decorating is to work on a structure. Indeed, before you can put the Christmas balls, you must start with the installation of the garlands. For a more classic decoration, we recommend that you use light garlands with warm colors. You can easily also find some on the market that alternate red and green colors if you are looking for more kitsch decoration.

The best technique to install your fairy lights in an elegant way is by wrapping them in one hand. Then with the help of your hand, you can start to arrange your garland from the top of the tree to the bottom, like a pyramid. Thanks to this, your electrical outlet will be close to the ground and to be easily connected to illuminate your tree with a taut and harmonious wire.

The second step of Christmas tree decoration ideas: Large decorations

cute christmas tree decorations

The idea for Christmas tree decorating consistency and harmony is to start by installing the larger decorative elements first. Take your biggest balls as well as your biggest decoration stars and start to install them from the bottom of the tree to the top of the tree.

Remember not to align the balls and to install them in a staggered and disorganized way. If you have several colors or textures of balls such as glossy and matt, install them alternately. This will allow for a better distribution of it on the tree. This way your balls will appear to be floating in space with an illusion of movement in the Christmas Tree.

The third step of simple Christmas trees ideas: Non-luminous garland

Now that your decorative structure is well installed, you can add several decorative layers as you wish. Non-light garlands are good because they allow you to vary the decorations while dressing your tree. For modern Christmas tree decorations, go with a garland of our very refined and sober.

If you want a Christmas tree with the magical image of the movies, opt for golden garlands that will bring out the magic of Christmas from your tree. For elegant Christmas decorating ideas, you can make a garland yourself, for example with rustic thread, dried orange slices, and cinnamon sticks. It is a simple Christmas trees ideas that will allow a perfumed decoration.

The fourth step of the idea for the Christmas tree: The small decoration

elegant christmas decorating ideas

The fourth step is the step where you can bring your originality to life. You can place all the smallest decorations to bring out the magic and the comeback of Christmas. For example, if you are looking for a more natural and rustic decoration you can consider adding cones. If you want a more classic edge, consider baubles in the shape of a star or a Christmas elf sock. You can also put pretty golden bows on the end of the branches for cute Christmas tree decorations.

Fifth step: The final touch

unique christmas tree decorating

Last but not least is to choose what will be your decoration hung on the tip of the tree. Whether you want to go for a more classic side with a golden star, or more modern with a fabric bow tie, we advise you to choose a color that you think represents the spirit of Christmas. There is also an important element to remember to decorate after lighting up your tip of the tree, and that is the root.

For a very down to earth and close to nature style you can use fresh fir branches to hide the root of it. You can also stack your many gifts at the foot of the tree, which will also allow you to dress them up while enjoying the wonders that are hidden inside these packages. Another idea could be to use fabric on its own, or even an Indian saree to add color and originality from the head to the base of your tree.

In this article, we have presented all of our beautiful Christmas tree decorating ideas to you. Step by step, ball after ball, and garland after garland, you now have all the tips to have an unforgettable Christmas tree to welcome your friends and family for Christmas. Do not hesitate now to play with your originality and your personality to make a tree in your image and perpetuate what the tree symbolizes for you and your entourage. Now it's up to you to play and use your decorating skills for a unique tree.

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