How to Clean a Mirror without Leaving Streaks?

mirror cleaning tips

The mirror is one of the decorative elements that we use every day. Whether it is on waking up to prepare for the day to come or in the evening to take care of yourself in order to go to bed in peace, it is a utensil made with a reflective metallic layer that is an integral part of our daily life. In addition to its obvious practical functions, the mirror is one of the most frequently used decorative elements. It’s easy and inexpensive and allows you to have the effect of enlarging spaces while reflecting light throughout the room. It exists in various variations, shapes, and frames. It can also be added to furniture to accentuate its practicality. Although the mirror has a lot of quality both decorative and to take care of its well-being, it has one main flaw: that of its dirty quickly. In addition to getting dirty quickly, it is complicated to clean it and it can look clean without a streak.

In this article, we're going to give you all the best tips on how to clean a mirror without streaks to have impeccable cleanliness thinking.

best thing to clean windows and mirrors

The mirror as known was invented only in 1835 by a chemist. However, the use of reverberant material in order to be able to distinguish the appearance is a long time ago. In ancient Egypt, for example, the mirror is made from polished stones. Thus, it only allowed for a vague reverberation to be obtained. In 1835, Justus von Leibig, by depositing a thin layer of metal on glass, invented the modern mirror, a specular mirror that allows you to see your image completely and distinctly. Since then, the mirror has become an essential accessory in our lives and in our daily practices. How to remove streaks from mirrors is an essential element to take care of this decorative and practical everyday accessory.

Best Way to Clean a Mirror

what can you use to clean mirrors

If you want to find a way on how to clean mirrors streak-free in a natural way, nothing will be worth using a newspaper that you want to throw in the trash. Not only will this allow you to have used with recycled material while having a practical aspect. It is necessary that the newspaper be mat and not a newspaper that has been glazed because this one is not as cleansing. You just need to soak it in a mixture of one-third of white vinegar with two-thirds of hot water. This is an efficient, ecological and economical way of how to clean mirrors streak-free.

Another easy and environmentally friendly way to clean your mirror is with a little lemon and a rag. You can do this by mixing water with the same amount of lemon juice and rubbing it on the mirror. This will help remove greasy stains on your mirrors. Usually, the majority of stains found on mirrors come from the fat deposited by our skin. It is therefore one of our good mirror cleaning tips that will not come back to you very cheaply.

how to remove streaks from mirrors

If you are wondering what can you use to clean mirrors, our next tip may surprise you with its originality. Indeed, another easy and effective way to have a clean mirror is the potato. In fact, the starch contained in the potato helps remove grease stains and brings out the shine of your mirror. For this trick, you will need two steps to have a clean mirror. The first thing to do is to cut your potato in half and to rub your mirror with the center of the potato, place with a lot of starch. The second part will therefore require cleaning the mirror with a cloth and white vinegar. This technique is particularly effective especially if you have a particular fattened mirror.

In this article, we have offered you three of our tips that are inspired by grandmother's techniques to have a flawless mirror that no traces will resist. All of our proposed techniques are inexpensive, easy to access, and environmentally friendly because they do not require the purchase of chemicals that are generally found on the market. All you have to do is choose which potato, vinegar, and lemon will be your ally for a shiny clean mirror.

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