How to Choose the Wallpapers – Which Kind Is the Most Convenient to Use

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The wallpaper is the best way to decorate the walls and renew the interior. The reason for that is their low cost and simplicity to use. Qualitative wallpapers are widely used in modern interesting interiors even in spite of a huge variety of decoration materials nowadays. And there are a few reasons for that, which we are going to discuss now.

The wallpapers can be made of such materials:


These are the most accessible and easy to use materials. They can be 1-layered and multilayered. The first type, which is also called simplex, is thin and very light. The multilayered (duplex) is much more thick and heavy, and this allows us to decorate it with complicated patterns and embossing.


  • low cost
  • ecologic
  • good air circulation


  • they are difficult to adjust to the wall, as they can be easily torn.
  • low water resistance
  • short durability – they can stay good looking only for a few years.
  • low resistance to the sun rays


Non-woven based wall-papers are the qualitative material with polyester in it. It is more dense and durable compared to the paper one.


  • high resistance to mechanical damages
  • easy to use
  • easy to take care of
  • non-burning

The only disadvantage of this material you can name is the high cost.


This type of material consists of two layers: a non-woven base and an upper decorative coating. Depending on the way of putting the decoration on the wallpapers, we can highlight two types of it: hot print canvas and foam wallpaper.


  • long-durable
  • high resistance to mechanical damages
  • perfectly hides the roughness on wall 4. easy to wash


  • bad air circulation
  • toxic while burning
  • high cost


This wallpaper also consists of two layers: paper base and upper decorative coating made of silk, linen, cotton, or velour.


  • posh elegant look
  • high resistance to the sun rays
  • good soundproofing
  • ability to hide the roughness of the surface.


  • high cost
  • ability to collect the dust
  • ability to imbibe the smells
  • difficult to apply and take care of.
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