How to Choose Bathroom Tile

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The bathroom is probably one of the places where we spend most of our time. We take the time to take care of ourselves, for example with baths or by taking time to rinse off before going to bed. It is a place where it is more than essential to feel cozy. But bathrooms are often tight spaces that are present in our homes for their practicality. However, these spaces go through a lot of difficulties having to cope with big waves of heat and humidity when primping in the shower. Having tiles in the bathroom will therefore allow you to meet the needs of your bathroom while providing other practical advantages. Indeed, choosing bathroom tiles not only makes your bathroom a more resistant space but also gives the impression of expanding the often confined space of these rooms. For this, we have made a selection of bathroom tile tips for you on how to arrange the walls of your bathrooms. If you ask how to choose tile for a bathroom, in this article you will discover different interior design proposals.

Bathroom Tile Selection

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In the list of recommendations below, you will find different tips on how to choose tiles ranging from colors to the shine of the tiles, or even to the contrasts to have a unique bathroom.

Light Colors for Tiles in the Bathroom

One of the best and most important tips when it comes to choosing tiles is obviously color. It is important to favor colors that enlarge the space and this is why it is recommended to think of light colors, even pastels. Light colors will have the advantage of being less messy than white and will add light to your bathroom. For this, you can start with taupe, linen, or cream. Also, you need to think about having more universal colors for places such as bathrooms. This is why light colors are ideal because they bring vitality and energy to the bathroom. You can play on the color contrasts thanks to the different accessories. One of the benefits of going with light bathroom tile colors is that it lasts longer and wears down less quickly than darker colors.

Play with Contrasts

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While light tones are what will brighten up your bathroom walls, you can opt for darker tones for the tiled floors. In fact, floor tiles are often confronted with dirt and dust which emerge particularly in light tones. In addition, a bathroom is a place where you take care of your hair or even your body hair. So, to keep your bathroom ambiance looking cleaner, it is important to install darker tiles. However, although the walls are light colors and the floors darker, it is important that these different colors work together and therefore remain in the same color panel.

Optical for Shine

How to choose bathroom tiles for a small bathroom? Small bathrooms are often rather dark places either with windows facing other rooms or with small windows. For these reasons, shiny tiles will be your best way to add light and easy to access. Indeed, by adding shiny tiles in your bathroom, the light will be able to bounce on them and return the light even more. Thus, we advise you to install tiles with a glossy finish rather than light tones. This will maximize the feeling of light in a small bathroom. With this, you can also combine different small mirrors in different places of the bathroom which will also amplify this light effect.

The Size of the Tiles

The last thing to consider when choosing bathroom tile is the size of the tiles. It is true that the small tiles from the decorations of the 1960s are still often present. However, in order to be able to play with the impression of space, it is important to emphasize the contrasts. For this, our best advice for choosing tiles for a small bathroom is to opt for large sizes. Nothing will be worth XXL tiles whose join adds a clean style and new trend. This will give you the impression that your bathroom has doubled in space without even having to change much.

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In this article, we've given you all of our top tips on choosing the right bathroom tiles, and how to make more space available. You just have to play with your imagination to have a bathroom tailor-made to your tastes.

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