How to Choose a Perfect Sink?

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The bathtub is the queen of the bathroom. It is, undoubtedly, a key element in the hygiene room. But there is another element that deserves your attention – it is the sink. Of course, you can see it in the kitchen but its beauty can be fully revealed only in the bathroom. It may be both a necessity and the décor of the room. Its main task is to complement the bathroom interior harmoniously. We will help you to define the main sink characteristics.

The Bathroom Sink Materials

sink out of stone
  • The porcelain is the most popular material for sinks. There is a cheaper alternative to porcelain – faience. The porcelain is a very strong material but it can be easily broken if you drop something on it. These washbasins are easy to clean and retain their properties for a long time. Faience is also very popular. It is much cheaper; it has a nice appearance and when water comes to the faience surface it doesn’t make any unnecessary sounds.
  • Steel washbasins are not suitable for all bathroom interiors. They are capable of pulling great weight; it is impossible to break it. In short, these washbasins are very practical to use. But there are some drawbacks: they are "noisy" and they are easy to scratch. Therefore, not all detergents are suitable for cleaning the surface of steel sinks.
  • The glass washbasins have a very elegant and luxurious appearance. In addition, you have enough to choose from. There are also different shades of glass: you can choose between a completely transparent (crystal) and a matte shade of glass. These washbasins are not cheap, they are fragile enough and it can be difficult for you to wash the glass. But what a beautiful interior you will get as a result!
  • Wood is also used for washbasins. We have to warn you that these washbasins are expensive. But if you decide to make the house in eco-interior design, a wooden washbasin will be an ideal highlight in your bathroom. The wood is saturated with various waterproof impregnations and a protective coating.
  • Minimalistic, exclusive, and classic – that’s all about sinks of natural stone (river stone, marble, granite, malachite, onyx). As wooden sinks, they will look very harmonious in the ecological style of the interior. Face it, that water and stone are a perfect combination. Washbasins made of natural stone are very expensive but they can be replaced with artificial stone. It is difficult to distinguish them from the original but they are cheaper and very easy to use.

Types and Shapes of Bathroom Sinks

fancy sink

The most recognizable shapes of washbasins are corner, oval, round, rectangular, S-shaped. There are a very large number of bathroom sink designs! It all depends on your preferences and on available space in the bathroom.

The most interesting stage of the choice is how and where the washbasin will stand. There are unusual and classic ways to place it. For example:

Washbasins in/on/under countertops. They are presented in three configurations that determine the location on the surface.

  • Built-in washbasin. It doesn’t matter how it looks in its entirety. Its appearance is the main emphasis of this sink. There is one drawback – it is hard to clean, especially where it connects with the countertop.
  • The washbasin is under the bathroom sink table. Perhaps, you are dreaming about the tabletop with a beautiful design and want to focus on it - that is your variant. The edges of this tabletop rise above the washbasin. You can easily wipe the water back into the washbasin and not be afraid that it will get stuck at the interface. The worktop material should be water-repellent.
  • The washbasin is completely on top of the table-top. This option looks very attractive. Its advantage is that there will be enough space around the bowl of the washbasin for your belongings. But it is also not so easy to clean where it is connected to the countertop.

Cantilever washbasins – one of the most popular models of accommodation. The washbasin attaches to the wall and is supported by two or four legs at the bottom. If you are a person who likes to keep all hygiene products at hand, a cantilever washbasin is not the best solution.

Pedestal washbasins. People call them "tulips" because they resemble the shape of a flower. It's usually a solid washbasin. They are very compact. If you don't have a lot of space in your bathroom, that's your solution. Their disadvantage is that there's no space for personal things. You will need to choose an extra closet or shelf.

sink made of glass

Pendant washbasins. They are attached to the wall and have no support or nightstands. Such models are often used in places where people with disabilities live (a person in a wheelchair can freely use such a washbasin). You can fill the space under the washbasin with any additional appliances.

We have described the most popular types of washbasins and how they can be placed in your bathroom. And lastly, we want to share with you some more nuances that will help you make the right choice:

  • You should know the optimal size for an adult washbasin bowl: width - 50 cm, length - 60 cm, and depth - 40 cm.
  • Take into account the shape and possibilities of the faucet; buy the faucet recommended by the manufacturer.
  • It would be better to buy a washbasin that is covered with a special composition (it will protect the sink bowl from plaque and dirt).
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