How to Achieve the Best Gaming Room Setup

video game room setup ideas

In this day and age, just about everyone is playing video games one way or another. This phenomenon is for all ages and people. For some, it is a rigorous passion, and others a fun side hobby. Either way, having a good setup is essential! Your gaming room design should reflect you and your style. These innovative and cool gaming room ideas will help you level up today!

Video Game Room Ideas

These gamer room ideas will complete your gaming experience! Whether you’re gaming in your office, basement, fancy lounge, or bedroom corner, we have many sweet options that’ll suit any space. These ideas will help you take your game room setup from messy and grungy to cool and clean.

Add Wall Art

Playing around with your video game room decoration is essential if you want your space to look less like an afterthought and more curated. Consider covering the walls of your gaming area with meaningful decor. Whether you hang photos, your favorite band store, or video game-related content, filling up your walls will make your gaming cave more personal. You can also consider hanging your own video game inspired doodle or painted if you feel like it. Arrange the art in a way that takes up wall space without looking cluttered.

Armchair with Pick the Right Gaming Desk

gaming bedroom setup

Every individual will prefer a different gaming room design. This includes your desk. To get the most out of performance, functionality, and style we suggest opting for a desk that gets the job done but also looks great. An L shaped desk, for example, will give you ample room for gaming. This L shape desk could support two screens at once, especially if you complement it with a rolling or spinning chair. This combo will make gaming feel easy. For a smaller space, try a thin computer desk. Computer desks are one of the best small gaming room ideas when it comes to the conservation of square footage. You can also move your computer desk toward a bed or anywhere you may need it.

Desk Pad

Go full commitment by adding a desk pad. They can include any funky pattern under the sun- outer space, the periodic table, art deco, and more. Video game decorations like this will totally deck out your space and keep your keyboard from sliding around. It’s a win-win for us.


If you are seeking a more fashionable and sleek option for your gaming chair, try an Eames style armchair. The diagonal armrests beautifully frame the chair. This chair will help prevent your game room from looking frumpy. A loungy leather swivel will also do the trick and provide you with unreal comfort. Make sure the chair you choose will both look great and feel easy to sit in for extended periods of time. How long do you typically game?

Fairy Lights

video game room decoration

Lighting is everything. If you're looking to switch up the mood, lighting is an amazing way to access a different vibe. Lighting is so important. These fairy lights will blow your mind and make your gaming corner extra cozy. You can design these lights on your wall or around your gaming desk in any way that feels right. Fairy lights have the capacity to look cheesy, so style them well.


A cozy rug is never a wrong idea. If you’d like your gaming room decor to feel more warm adding a rug by your gaming corner will do wonders. You can find various rugs all over in different colors, patterns, and shapes. A funky abstract design or solid color block rug will do the trick. Exciting stuff!

Amazing Speakers

A good set of speakers will take your home gaming room to new wavelengths. Your goal should be to have an amazing surround sound, so two speakers on either side of your monitor are ideal. The sound from this setup will have you completely immersed in all the action. Consider soundproofing your room for full volume freedom. Insulate walls with soundproof material and cover windows to keep the sound from bouncing out.


gaming room ideas

More plants, please! Always more plants. A small succulent or draping hanging plant should be enough for your gaming space. Bringing plants into the game cave will make you feel much more energized and aware on the road. Who would’ve thought that plants actually belong in video game rooms?


If you are able, having more than one screen to play on makes it all the more fun. You will have more access to more games and tons of visuals. Another cool option is a curved screen monitor. This setup will make you feel like a pro as you become immersed in the game in front of you. Curved screens allow you to experience the whole game in one place.

Mood Light

If fairy lights ain’t quite your thing, enhance your gaming bedroom setup with a color-changing light bulb. You’ll have access to every color under the rainbow. Colors like cool blue and bright red will create an amazing atmosphere as you game. You’ll feel like a winner in this mood changing room.


Another cool option is to add a funky lamp to your gaming setup. In order to view the screen well, you will want to turn off the main source of light. Try an overhead arc standing lamp. It will provide a warm glow over you as you play without being distracting. This lamp will help prevent the straining of the eyes and set the tone for a chill vibe.

Blocking Out Windows

The ideal game room will have minimal natural light so you can really focus. If your windows are getting in the way, consider purchasing light canceling blinds. These easy to install pull down blinds will keep your room dark at any time of day. Darkness is ideal for gaming so you can experience every detail. Many games have a darker overall color scheme that will be lost with pesky sunlight peeking through. Choose a neutral curtain and pop of color if you are feeling a bit fancier.

Neon Signs

computer rooms ideas

Glowing signs are a unique video game room setup idea. They will give your room a bright personal flare. You can get these signs in word format or even in angular shapes or linear designs. Whatever your preference, this neon addon will light up your world like nobody else.

Accent Wall

If you’re looking to spice up your gaming room and the accent wall is a great place to start. Choose the wall your gaming station rests on. For the accent you can go with a painted solid color pop or easy to install wallpaper. Choose something that reflects you and your gaming style.

Hobby Decor

One of our fav game room ideas on a budget is using your Lego creations, action figures, and star wars replicas as playful decor. Align them nicely in an orderly fashion on floating shelves above your screen. This decor idea is super easy and makes good use of items you already own and love. Take a look around your room for cool gadgets worthy of display!

Lava Lamp

Our final lighting suggestion is investing in a cool retro lava lamp. These lamps are coming back in style and will give your game room a groovy vibe. They come in a variety of wild colors and will look absolutely amazing on your desk. The light from the lamp will also provide your room with a funky glow, perfect for video game viewing.


If the coordinated style is your priority go for a matching speaker keyboard, speaker, and computer set. This matchy computer room idea will look super sleek in your space. Go for all black or even a crisp all-white set to set your gaming room apart from the rest.

Colorful Keys

If you prefer edgy pops of color. Go for a colorful keyboard. They come in every color of the rainbow and will look extra cool on your desk. Time to type in style!


We recommend purchasing storage containers for your gaming accessories. This is a great gaming bedroom idea if you want to keep your space from looking messy. Tuck away your extra cords, wires, headsets, consoles, and remotes in these stylish containers.

Floating Screen

If you want to conserve space and tidy your gaming area try mounting your screen to your wall. This floating monitor will make your room look nothing short of epic. It also makes gaming much more comfortable.

Natural Look

If you’re hoping for your space to appear more organic, try going for a live edge wood table. This will make your setup look more mature and humble. This is great for video gaming setups located in an existing bedroom or office. This way you can game minus the tacky.

Gaming Library

game room ideas on a budget

If you have a lot of books and a lot of video games, why not put them together? Each of them is educational in its own way. Consider lining up the walls surrounding your gaming desk with shelves upon shelves of books. The library will make your video game setup more unique!

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