How to Achieve a Scandinavian Living Room

scandinavian design living room ideas

This design approach is both contemporary and chic. This style takes inspiration from a variety of other design approaches to create the ultimate space. It first came about in the 1970s, hence its contemporary title. Scandi living rooms never go out of style, due to their timeless nature. With these stunning templates and tips, you can get your Scandinavian interior design living room now!

Rid of Clutter

When your goal is a Scandinavian inspired living room, clutter is a no go. You want to balance just the right amount of accessories and furniture. Clutter will take your space from contemporary to claustrophobic real quick. Try focusing on necessity. What do I need? What is essential? Using those two questions, you can narrow your living room down to the artful accents and furniture pieces you love.

White Walls

This design tip never gets old. White walls immediately add openness to space. Just about every Scandinavian style living room is completed by this blank canvas. Sounds like a contradiction, but it is not. As we mentioned above, clutter ain’t cute. White walls will make your living room appear brighter, lighter, and bigger. This simple switch will do wonders for you. And that’s a promise!

Colour Palette

A Scandinavian modern contemporary living room design is complete typically by neutral or earthy tones. These shades create that sense of effortless and aesthetically pleasing design everyone desires. This palette is neither overpowering nor boring. Just right!

Balcony or Terrace

scandinavian modern contemporary living room design

If possible access to a large balcony, terrace, or even giant window is an essential design element of a Scandinavian decor living room. The natural world and your living room meeting creates a state of flow and calm. This combination looks stunning and will create balance in your living room.


Plants are a must-have every time, but especially in Scandinavian living room design. The natural element can also be present here in live plants. The green will serve as a calming pop of color and point of visual interest. It is no myth that plants bring great energy, so grab a few and get decorating! Naturally of course.

Wooden Elements

Wood and Scandinavian living room decorating ideas go hand in hand. The use of wood will tie your entire living room together. You can find this in smaller accents like coasters and lamps. You can also go big with a big wooden live edge coffee table or wood frame chair. The choice is yours!

Hardwood Floor

Jumping off this woody theme, the floors are important too. A Scandinavian style living room almost always has hardwood flooring. This floor can be any shade of brown or grey. The lighter the better. This floor will tie well with the white walls and neutral furniture. Wood flooring will open up the entire living space and give it a sleek finish.

Blue Accents

I don’t know about you, but blue sure calms us down. This color is fun without being distracting. Add a pop of blue here and there in your Scandinavian living room decor. This could mean a cute little vase or dish. Possibly an interesting pillow or funky throw. You could even go for a lamp, picture frames for artwork. If you add some blue, you will not regret it! You can never go wrong with a little blue in your life.

Cool Grey Accents

This is another great color addition. This one is not as bold as the blue but will give a similar effect. Some Scandinavian design living room ideas in this color include a spacious rug, coffee table, or books this color will definitely add to your decor and open up your space. Light grey gives off airy and relaxing vibes only!


This is one of the most important Scandinavian living room ideas. With all the cool tones, you will need some texture to keep this room cozy. The texture contrast creates layers that will feel like home. Apply this by adding patterned wallpaper, a cool light fixture, fuzzy pillows, blankets, and rugs along with some modern furniture. Each of these items tells a different story and when partnered together they create a sweet cocoon for TV and chilling!


scandinavian living room design ideas

Art is important in every home. Art is an important one of many Scandinavian style living room ideas. Add art, but do it wisely. Too much clutter and you will lose the essence of this style. Stick to one or two art pieces on each wall. If you want more than that, go for one wall dedicated to an art collection. Hang each canvas or frame them evenly and space in order in a tight cluster above your couch. This will create space visually. Opt for pieces that are more linear or less busy. This art addition will look fantastic in your living room!


Play with pops of color in your textile. This will keep your living room a bit more exciting and interesting for the eye. You can incorporate this in your pillow cushions and throws. If you are feeling it, you can also find couches or side chairs that will cool designs as well. Just make sure not to overdo it! Keep it contemporary and clean people.


The next of our Scandinavian living room design ideas is adding metallic elements. A great way to do this is with picture frames. They are a subtle but exciting detail. You could also incorporate metallic on the coffee table with a trinket or two. Even a small gold clock will do!

Coffee Table Decor

Your coffee table is often at the center of your space. You want to draw the eye in a good way here. Keep the decor simple with a stack of books and a decorative bowl. Arrange your decor perpendicularly on the table to keep it looking modern.

Colour Pop

Not all Scandinavian styles need to be neutral. When working with a white wall blank canvas, you can really play around. In this case, playing means color. Contrast your white with bold bits of neon and solid color. This is great for homeowners that love a little spice in their life!


scandi living rooms

Last but not least, our final tip is adding a fireplace. These are a staple in Scandinavian homes. This fireplace will not only bring warmth but a sense of calm too!

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